What Does Having an Indigo Aura Mean?

Updated June 8, 2021
Indigo Aura Meaning

If you have psychic abilities, there's a good chance there's indigo in your aura. Your indigo aura indicates you are engaged in spiritual pursuits and connected to the Divine realm, where you receive spiritual and practical guidance. It also indicates a great deal about your emotional, mental, and spiritual state of being.

Meaning of Your Indigo Aura Color

Hang on to your seat! When your aura shines indigo, you're embarking on an inward journey towards life-altering self-discovery. The characteristics of your indigo colored aura will reveal significant information about your inner self. Indigo is the herald of love, faith, compassion, kindness, harmony, and peace. If your aura is generating the indigo color, then you've achieved a major milestone in your spiritual quest.

Indigo Aura Meaning Infographic

Spiritual Awakening

Discovering that your aura is an indigo color usually triggers deep latent abilities. With each new ability you discover, you clear the things blocking your path to enlightenment. You may find yourself compelled to find information on esoteric philosophies and various religions. You may become obsessed with ancient knowledge. This is just one of the many things you experience when your third eyes opens. It literally gives you greater insight into the world and beyond.

Empath Abilities

Being an empath is a natural extension of this aura color. You may suddenly be bombarded with all kinds of emotions that leave you wondering why you would feel such things. Keep in mind that having empathic abilities takes self-control and practice to keep them from seeming as though they are your own emotions. You can learn how to sift through all the noise you're receiving and separate your feelings from those of other people.

Keen Inner Voice

You may suddenly realize that your perception and discernment are finely honed and accurate. You now understand what is meant by the intelligent mind and begin to listen to your inner voice above all else, especially other people's voices. You have clarity of any circumstance you encounter, and you can cut right to the heart of a matter without being distracted by the chatter of other people. You also come to the realization that other people will always have an opinion about what you do and who you are, but the most important opinion is yours.

See and Read Auras

You are a natural psychic/medium/seer. You don't have to learn techniques to access information or see spirits. This open chakra gives you unlimited access to your abilities. You can see auras as well as read them, even long distance, since time and distance no longer prevent you from seeing, thanks to your third eye chakra.

Psychic and Medium Abilities

The indigo aura reveals you have psychic abilities. The third eye region generates an energetic vibration that stimulates all your natural psychic abilities and activates dormant ones. These may be new to you and unfolding like the petals of a lotus flower opening up. You may have experienced these abilities in the past, but now they are more powerful and accessible. Among these abilities is mediumship. You're now able to connect with deceased people as well as spirits.

Understand Yin Yang of Nature

With an indigo aura, you know more than you reveal. You see the world as many worlds with many possibilities. The duality of nature finds a balance within this chakra. You understand the yin yang of life and can see the interaction of it within all things.

Access to Akashic Records

An indigo aura means you've been granted the right to visit the Akashic depository where the records of every soul and every event of all time are kept. This access allows you to help others understand their karma and life purpose. Many refer to this as tapping into the collective consciousness of all humankind.

Astral Traveler

There are no boundaries for you. You can astral project at will or bypass it altogether and simply think about it and you're transported to your destination in the spirit world.

Personality Traits of an Indigo Aura

Your personality traits are often considered otherworldly by others. After all, you're in contact with the other side almost as much as you are with the physical world.

Wisdom of a Sage

You are kind and sincere. You give the impression of a sage full of loving energy. Your love for life and knowledge is evident to all who know you.

Divine Knowledge

You're a devoted student of understanding your purpose. You easily pull back the curtain that separates the human soul from its creator. This aura color indicates you're connected to the wellspring of divine knowledge and you're eager to share what you know with others.

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Your personality is very easygoing. You don't have any hidden agendas or play games. You view the world and everyone very clearly and you are an open book. All anyone need do is ask and you're eager to share your knowledge.

Honest and Authentic

You are honest and authentic in all you do. In fact, your honesty could use a little tempering with tactfulness sometimes, just so you don't end up offending people. Obviously, it isn't your intention to be rude or hurt anyone's feelings, it's just that not everyone deals with life in the direct manner that you do. Just learn to think before blurting out a response so you can filter it. You'll find people react to you in a more positive manner.


It's easy to become distracted and not be in the present, especially when you are living in two worlds simultaneously. You can miss out on a lot of nuances in your relationships if you are not in the present. You can learn to turn off the noise, so you can be 100% focused on what is going on around you.

Unconditional Love

You know how to love. you give unconditional love without any strings attached. You accept others for who they are.

Social Life and Friendships

You enjoy various levels of friendships, but only a few are more than casual acquaintances. People are drawn to you and initiate friendships. Occasionally, you like to go out with a small group of close friends and enjoy food, drink and a good time.

While you sometimes participate in social outings, you're content to stay home and enjoy your solitude. You practice at least one form of ancient arts, such as tai chi or yoga. You're very adept at meditation and can fall right into an altered state with very little effort.

Romantic Relationship

Your personality trait of unconditional love gives your romantic partner the greatest gift of love. This, along with your essence and attitude toward life, imbues your partner with a sense of empowerment and freedom to be themselves. This kind of love is very freeing for both of you. When your partner is extended such acceptance, love, and freedom, it makes it easy to have the same considerations returned to you, if you're with the right spiritual partner. A lesser spiritually evolved partner won't be able to meet the challenge of unconditional love. If your partner can't reciprocate, you may grow resentful of their inability to accept you and offer you the same considerations. Your relationship may end up testing how authentic your spiritual growth truly is.

Career and Life Purpose

Many people with indigo auras say their career chose them, and this is very true. Your interests center around ancient spiritual knowledge, practices, and religions.

  • You are most likely drawn to some form of mediumship or psychic work.
  • Some people opt for a career in energy work, such as reiki or acupuncture.
  • Herbalists and other healers often have a green and violet aura.

Your life purpose is easy to define. You're here to reach the pinnacle of spiritual knowledge and share it with others. Your goal is to be of service to others so you can help them and also inspire them in their own quest and spiritual journey.

Tips for Maintaining Balance

Your spiritual aspiration, from the time you took your first breath, was to understand who you are, where you came from, and where you're going. This desire has led you so far and guided you to a level of spiritual growth that has resulted in an indigo aura. You have an inner balance, but now you need to maintain it. You can do this through regular meditation, yoga, and various forms of energy work designed to keep your energies aligned.

Having reached this level of unison of mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual balance, you're most likely eager to continue your spiritual growth to the next level. That will be the final adventure of what your crown chakra has in store for you. It's the lure of the great mystery that motivates you to grow and explore your spiritual nature.

Sixth Chakra and Indigo Aura

The indigo aura is indicative of an open and functioning third eye located in the sixth chakra region. This open sixth chakra instills you with many intuitive gifts. You are now in the realm of angels. You are connected with these and other ethereal beings. This energy level is open, loving, and non-judgmental.

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Connecting Two Chakras

The indigo color is a blending between the blue throat chakra (fifth) and the violet crown chakra (seventh). The sixth chakra (third eye) draws from both the chakra below and the one above. This chakra connection allows the seer to peer into the other side. The spiritual realm provides a glimpse of what awaits you when you open your crown chakra that gives you access to all things divine.

Different Shades of Indigo Aura and Their Meanings

The indigo auric layer provides information about what is going on with your third eye region, depending on the value of the indigo. The shade of indigo has a specific meaning that a psychic or aura reader can interpret for a better picture, using other information gleaned from the lower five auric layers.

Clear Indigo

When you have a clear indigo aura, it reveals your psychic powers are tuned in. You can read other people without needing to see their auras. You can access the information within their auric energies by simply focusing your attention on them.

Dark Indigo

When an indigo aura grows dark, it's time to get busy helping other people. This change in your aura indicates you're too self-absorbed. This aura color reveals you've cut yourself off from the world and have retreated deep into your imagination.

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Bright Indigo

A bright indigo color indicates a strong creative mind. You're connected with your higher self and have access to knowledge that most people never will. Your predominant driving force is to help others in their karmic journeys.

Muddy Indigo

If your indigo aura appears muddy, your chakra isn't open fully and you're preoccupied with the spirit world. You may be under stress and are seeking a way to escape your daily responsibilities. As an empath, you may need time away from interacting with people, especially anyone with negative energy.


A lavender hue reveals your inner connection with nature's healing herbs, especially the herb lavender. You're able to connect with all nature, including animals in the physical and spirit. Through these connections, you gain insight into the world and its many layers.

Aura Test and Meanings of Indigo Color Shades

If you aren't sure your aura is an indigo color, you may find an aura test helpful. You can determine the meaning of your indigo color based on the color shade. Of course, aura can change colors or have more than one hue. So if you want to discover more about yourself, learn the different aura color meanings.

What Does Having an Indigo Aura Mean?