What Does It Mean When Candle Glass Breaks?

Published February 23, 2021
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What does it mean when a candle glass breaks during a spell? There are a few ways to decipher if it is a good or bad omen to have a candle glass break when you're casting a spell.

Positive Meanings Why a Candle Glass Breaks

If you've ever wondered why a candle glass breaks, you may have automatically assumed it was a bad sign. Sometimes, when the candle glass breaks, it is a good sign for your spell.

It's a Positive Sign Your Spell Worked

There are a few instances when a candle glass breaks that it simply is a sign that your spell worked. For example, if you cast a spell to end something, then a broken glass can signify that your spell worked.

It Shows the Spell Did Its Job

Another instance when your candle glass breaks might be during a protection spell or even a hexing spell. If you cast a spell to break/reverse a spell placed on you, then the glass breaking during your spell or at the end of your spell signifies your spell did its job.

Your Release Spell Worked

You can take it as a positive sign when a candle glass breaks if you're casting a release spell. This might be to release you of an emotion or emotional tie, good or bad, to another person. The breaking glass is a physical sign that your release spell worked. Another type of release could be a situation at work or school. Another example might be a spell to sever a tie or connection you have to a malevolent spirit. In these instances, the candle glass breaking is a very positive sign that you are released.

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You're Making a Positive Change

Another time when a candle glass break is positive is when you use the candle to focus your energies for a spell to make a positive change. This might be to change something within yourself or to put a new idea or desire out into the universe. If the candle glass breaks during this spell, then you can interpret it to mean your request was heard and granted.

When It's a Negative Sign That Your Spell Failed

Sometimes when a candle glass jar breaks during a spell, it can mean your spell failed. There can be many reasons your spell didn't cast. It could be something as simple as an ill-formed spell that you need to reassess and rework before it can be successfully cast.

Wrong Intentions in Spellwork

You may not have the right intentions when casting your spell. Sometimes you may have underlying intentions that you don't realize. You can usually determine this by reassessing your spell and delving a little deeper into your true intentions. You can course correct by modifying your spell to better fit your intentions, unless you are strong willed enough to correct your intentions.

The Timing of Your Spell Is Wrong

There are times when you may simply have cast your spell at the wrong time. There may need to be other things in place in order for your spell to work. If you attempt to cast your spell a second time and the candle glass breaks again, it is time to put the spell away. You may decide to try it at another time when the timing feels more in tune with your desire.

Your Spell Isn't Spiritually Correct

The spiritual nature of spellwork means when a spell is cast, it is received on a spiritual level. If that spiritual realm decrees your spell isn't spiritually correct, you may end up with a candle glass breaking. The solution is to seek guidance from your spirit guides on how to better build your spell.

When a Candle Glass Explodes

On very rare occasions, spellworkers have witnessed a candle glass explode. This is generally taken as an act of spiritual intervention to prevent the spell from being completed. This is a dramatic and drastic way to convey a message of disapproval. You should heed it immediately and not attempt to cast the spell a second time.

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Non-Magical Reasons a Candle Glass Breaks

There are other reasons a candle glass breaks that have nothing to do with magic spellwork. In such circumstances, the candle glass was inferior, cheap, or flawed.

Length of Burn Time too Long

You should always check to see if the candlemaker recommends a limited burn time. Some glass candles aren't made to burn for more than 4 to 6 hours at a time. Some have shorter burn times. If you exceeded the recommended burn time, then you may have pushed the heat tolerance level of the glass beyond what it could withstand. With the candle becoming too hot for the glass, the glass simple gave under the heat buildup.

You Added too Many Materials

It is also possible that you may have added too many herbs, plants, flowers, or other material to the candle. Some spells may require such additions, and a free standing candle would handle the materials better than a glass candle. Combustible materials can make the flame burned stronger and raise the heat beyond what the candle glass can tolerate.

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What Does It Mean When a Candle Glass Breaks During Spells?

There are many possible magical interpretations of a spell when your candle glass breaks. Some of those reasons are positive, negative, or may have nothing to do with your spell.

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What Does It Mean When Candle Glass Breaks?