What Does an Orange Aura Mean? Common Traits

Updated August 10, 2021
Orange Aura Meaning

Do you like to climb mountains, jump from planes, or drive fast vehicles? If so, you may have an orange aura. Risk takers and adrenaline junkies often have orange in their auras. These highly energetic and creative individuals simply can't contain the powerful energy coursing through their bodies, so they seek ways to release it.

Extreme Sports Enthusiasts

If you have an orange aura, you may be an extreme sport junkie. Some ways people with orange auras can express or expel their excess energy is through extreme sports, such as free climbing, base jumping, backcountry skiing, or snowboarding. The outward goal may be to achieve the adrenaline rush, but the motivating energy behind these daredevil extremes is an attempt to find a way to release the building energy.

Orange Aura Meaning Infographic

Sexual Energy

The other side of orange aura energy is sexual. The sex act can offer a temporary release of this powerful energy, but it isn't long before the desire and need builds again.

Channeling Aura Energy

There are ways other than extreme sports and sex marathons to channel this powerful energy. Through meditation, yoga, martial arts, and other physical strength disciplines that call the mind and body to work together, you can harness and redirect this frenetic energy.

Orange Auras and What They Mean

The energies that create an orange aura are a combination of yellow and red. Yellow aura energy is optimistic, mischievous, and loves to have a good time. Red aura energy is powerful and intense. It's no wonder that when these two colors combine, you end up with energy that seems nearly impossible to rein in and control.

Different Shades of Orange Auras

An orange aura is varied in shades depending on how much red aura energy and yellow aura energy are combined. This combination determines the color value of either a light, medium, or dark orange.

Brilliant Orange

This vibrant aura color is one of energy and health. It indicates a person living life to their fullest. This aura can also indicate someone prone to addiction, such as a thrill seeker.


This aura is seen in charismatic people. They wield an energy so powerful others stand in awe of their confidence. Their power of persuasion aids them in carving out careers that become legendary.


This aura reflects a meticulous personality that enjoys overseeing the minutest details. Scientists often have this aura color. The person seeks out a life that is framed around science and math. Their mind is their greatest asset.

Cloudy Orange Aura

An aura that is a cloudy or murky orange indicates an imbalance. This is usually due to an excess of emotional and physical extremes, such as too much ego, that causes the person to take too many risks. It is the worse-case scenario of orange aura energy gone rogue.

Second Chakra and Orange Aura

The second chakra is the sacral and orange is the color associated with this energy point. This is the seat of who you are; it's your very essence. The sacral chakra is considered fluid and often represented by the water element. It is also the pleasure center in the body and the wellspring for creativity.

This region contains the reproductive organs, and everything that makes up you also flows through this region such as thoughts and emotions. It's easy to understand how sex is interwoven with emotions and thoughts. If left on its own, uncontrolled and undisciplined, this chakra can easily lead to self-destruction. If your aura is orange, then this region of your body is healthy. How you control these energies determines if you shape the energy to fit your ideal or if you are simply a victim of impulses, desires, and pleasure-seeking.

Friendships and Social Life

You are the life of the party. Your exuberance attracts everyone. You are a friend to all and although you have an entourage, you have a few close and very loyal friends. This is only because you've been disciplined enough to take the time to know someone on a deep and personal level. Your restless nature doesn't grant you the patience needed to cultivate deep emotional ties, but with an orange aura, you master this aspect of your character. You just cannot easily be contained or known beyond your big, energetic persona. You have deep emotions, but you must be willing to let someone get close to you. There is always the danger of getting too close and being singed or burned.

Career and Life Purpose

An orange aura means you are attracted to careers that have a high-risk factor and a strong methodical approach. While you love risk, you also approach things in a calculating manner. You will achieve great goals when you focus your energies on a specific discipline, such as science or math. You have the soul of an explorer and thrive on new adventures. You crave change. You thrill over challenges. You would be the first on board to a Mars exploration.

Love and Romance

You often have a difficult time understanding the difference between sex and love. For you, sex is love, since it's how you express love. You have a voracious sexual appetite, and lovers are attracted to you. The temptation of change and new challenges often sabotage your efforts at monogamy. Being with just one person isn't something you ultimately appreciate. If you ever wish to settle down, you'll need a mate who shares your robust sexual desires and is able to keep you interested. Your sexual nature means you have quite a few physical encounters throughout life, but with discipline, you may end up enjoying a meaningful love relationship.

Spirits With Orange Auras

An orange spirit orb or a spirit cloaked in an orange aura is usually associated with powerful emotions. This can range from love to hatred. Most paranormal researchers and investigators believe orange orbs are spirits that were once protectors of other people, such as law enforcement or caregivers. The powerful emotions exhibited in an orange aura may attract protective spirits that appear as orange. The risk-taker and extreme sports enthusiast certainly needs someone or some spirit to keep a protective watch over them.

Deciding What an Orange Aura Means

There are a range of orange shades you can compare with your orange aura to understand the meaning. The energy emitting an orange aura is powerful and can be channeled into fewer life-risking activities for a healthier and longer life. And, since people often have more than one hue in their aura, when you spot others, take the time to discover the aura color meaning for each one that appears.

What Does an Orange Aura Mean? Common Traits