What to Not Ask a Ouija Board: 9 Questions to Avoid

Updated September 2, 2021
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There are lots of spooky stories about Ouija board sessions gone badly wrong, and many of these frightening tales start with someone making a poorly chosen query. Knowing what not to ask a Ouija board is even more important than knowing what to ask it. So, to keep your Ouija board session productive, safe, and non-terrifying, avoid these questions.

When Will I Die?

An important piece of advice for anyone using a Ouija board is to never ask questions that you aren't psychologically or spiritually equipped to handle any answers you might receive. Therefore, questions about death--such as when or how you or a loved one are going to die--are problematic since many people are unprepared to deal with this knowledge.

Along with never asking, "When am I going to die," you also shouldn't ask other questions about your death or the death of others. You probably shouldn't even ask about the death of the entity with which you are communicating. There are a few reasons why this is so:

  • An entity may be uncomfortable discussing his or her death, so the question might be upsetting.
  • The future isn't written in stone; no one can predict when you or another will die.
  • If you do receive an answer with a date your death or a loved one dying, how will you feel? Will you live in fear of that day? You could truly upset yourself or create a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Am I Sick?

Ouija boards are a game, and toys are probably never a good place to turn for an accurate medical diagnosis. So asking a Ouija board about your health or whether you're ill isn't a great idea. Along with not asking, "Am I sick?" or if someone else is sick, don't seek diagnoses or advice about illnesses, treatment, or progression. There are several reasons why this is the case:

  • Chances are, if you are talking with an entity, it doesn't have knowledge of current healthcare practices.
  • Again, the answer may stress you out, or it could lead to a self-fulfilling prophecy.
  • If the Ouija board says you aren't ill and you are, it may keep you from seeking an accurate diagnosis and treatment.
  • It's always best to seek medical advice and opinions from trained professionals--not talking boards--no matter who is controlling the planchette.

What Is a Secret About Bob?

Don't use the Ouija board or any other talking board to pry into anyone's private life. Only ask questions that everyone present in the room agrees upon and avoid asking any private or prying questions about other people's lives. Think about how you would feel if someone asked the Ouija board prying questions about you when you weren't present. Would you want those secrets revealed, or would you be upset others were prying into your private affairs? Use the same courtesy you'd expect from others.

What Will Happen in My Future?

The future is not set in stone, so asking about it isn't constructive. Likewise, you have no idea who or what is actually answering your question, what insights they could possibly have, or even if the answers are truthful. So asking for future predictions won't really give you any reliable information, and it could even be harmful. Humans have free will, so your future will be the result of your choices and actions and not some preordained series of events. Asking about the future and receiving answers may also be upsetting, or it may lead to false hopes or expectations.

Can I Talk to a Demon?

Regardless of your religious beliefs or whether you think demons are real (or that you can contact them through a Hasbro game), never ask to talk to one on any talking board (or using any other method). While it may seem like a lark, you don't know who or what you might contact. Chances are you are unprepared to deal with dark and negative forces--real or imagined--that can wreak havoc in your life. Never ask about demons in any type of spirit communications, whether you're using a talking board or participating in a séance.

Would You Like to Possess Me?

Possession leads to the loss of free will and invites an entity to live in and through you. You never know what type of entity you will contact through the Ouija board. Inviting possession or demonic or spirit influence is foolish at best and dangerous at worst. The Catholic Church still has trained exorcists and warns that demonic possession may be on the rise.

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Which Religion Is Right?

Just as in the living world, the answers you receive may depend on the entity with whom you are communicating. The entity may be just as likely to not be tied in to any universal truth as the person asking the question.

Is My Partner Cheating on Me?

Avoid questions you're not prepared to hear the answer to. Think about whether you actually want a truthful answer before you ask any question. For example, if you ask, "Is my partner having an affair," are you prepared to know the answer to that? Think carefully about your readiness before you ask any question in case the answer is not what you wish to hear. If you're not ready to know, don't ask.

What's Your Favorite TV Show? (and Other Frivolous Questions)

It's always best to approach the Ouija board with an air of serious intent, even if it seems like just a bit of fun. Asking frivolous questions wastes your time and makes a joke of any entities you may be communicating with. Make the most of your time of communication by asking serious, thoughtful questions.

What Not to Ask a Ouija Board

Ouija boards are one device you can use to communicate with spirits. Approach the spirits with respect and avoid asking inappropriate questions. Ask well thought out questions just as you would ask a living person in a conversation. This is the best possible way to approach whomever you contact via a Oujia board.

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What to Not Ask a Ouija Board: 9 Questions to Avoid