Yellow Orbs and Their Meanings

Updated August 3, 2021
Yellow orbs

A yellow orb appears in a photo, on video, or in your line of sight, and it's not the sunshine or a bug. What does it mean? Whether it appears in an image, in person, or in a dream, the presence of a yellow orb can have different meanings. Pay attention to the context to discover what the orb is telling you.

How to Interpret a Yellow Orb Meaning

A visitation by a yellow orb or having one show up in a photo can leave you bewildered. It is often difficult to know the intended message. One way to decipher it is to notice what else was happening when the orb first appeared.

Yellow Orb Meaning

The more you can define what was going on emotionally at the time you saw the orb (or when the photo was taken), the better chance you have of deciphering the message. The yellow orb might be an omen or affirmation about a specific feeling you had when it appeared. For example, if you were upset or worried, then the orb's appearance might not be cautionary but rather a call-to-action for those emotions or concerns. Use your intuition to discern the actual meaning of this visitation.

What Were You Feeling?

This question can help you decipher a possible warning. Try to recall what you were feeling when the orb appeared.

  • Were you worried about a situation?
  • Did you have a falling out with someone?
  • Were you happy or sad?

What Were You Doing?

Another clue to the orb message may lie in what you were doing at the time it appeared. If you were you planning a weekend trip, perhaps the orb message was to postpone your travel or take another mode of transportation. If you were involved in a risky or life-threatening activity, then the orb may have arrived in an attempt to stop you. You may want to consider the warning if you intend to repeat the activity, especially if it is an extreme sport or other risky activity.

Where Were You?

Another possible solution to this puzzle is to consider where you were when the orb appeared. Perhaps the area where you were isn't a safe place. Were you looking at a new apartment or attending an open house? If you were considering buying a car or home and the orb appeared, you may want to reconsider. It's best to contemplate all possibilities when attempting to decipher this often-vague form of warning.

Warnings Out of the Blue

Not all warnings brought to you by a yellow orb are about a feeling, activity, or physical place you may have visited. The warnings could also be about a situation. Consider your life and the challenges you may be facing in certain situations. The orb may have been sent to help guide you in a different direction, especially if your lifestyle is harming your health and well-being.

Mysterious yellow orbs in the meadow

Yellow Orbs, Auras, and Chakras

You may decide that the yellow orb you saw wasn't a warning at all, but a spirit orb attracted to your aura. This may be especially true if your aura is yellow, since this represents a positive energetic person. A yellow aura reveals a joyful soul, so it's only natural that a spirit orb would gravitate to you.

Yellow Orbs Meanings and Warnings?

The nuances of meanings associated with yellow orbs are obscure at best. Over time, incidents and outcomes have led to a basic consensus about the meanings of different orb colors. However, the commonly accepted meanings aren't the only ones, so listen to your intuition to help you determine its true meaning.

Yellow Orbs and Their Meanings