16 Sweet Couple Photoshoot Ideas to Show Off Your Bond

Grab your phone or camera and the one you love! We've got you covered with the best creative ideas and pro tips for success.

Published June 15, 2023


Showing the world just how much you care about each other doesn't mean you need to shell out for professional photos or go out and buy the latest camera tech. Grab the camera you have (your phone is great) and try some of these fun couple photoshoot ideas that will show off your bond. If you are going the pro route, these are great for inspiration too!

Start With Romantic Light


You can take photos anytime, but if you want beautiful, super romantic images, take them when the light is perfect and golden. If you're early risers, this can be the first hour after the sun comes up in the morning, and if you're like most of us and don't exactly feel camera-ready at 6am in the summer, go for the hour before sunset in the evening. The hour before sunset is called the "golden hour" for a reason.

Quick Tip

When I photograph couples during the golden hour, I try to position them so they aren't looking right into the sun. I find this keeps them from squinting and makes the photos way more flattering.

Get in Close for Cute Couples Photos


There's just something that's really intimate and cute about couples photos that are framed really tightly. This means the two of you basically fill the entire shot without a ton of space around you. If you're shooting with a phone or wide-angle lens, shoot this type of picture from a little bit above. This will make it much more flattering and sweet.

Know What Colors to Wear for a Couple's Photoshoot


Don't stress too much about what you're going to wear for romantic couple photos, but do put a little thought into your choices. Skip the bold patterns and bright fabrics and choose a muted color palette instead.

You can mix patterns if the scale is different (like stripes and a subtle dot print) or just stick to neutrals like tan, grey, navy, or even some pastels. You could also pick one shade like red and both wear a little bit of that in your outfit.

Quick Tip

I often suggest that people throw in a pop of color in the form of accessories if they want to show off a little personal style. It's an easy thing to add a scarf, and you can do some shots with it and some without, so you have lots of choices.

Get Intimate to Show Your Love


Great photos are about emotion, and a romantic bond is intimate. We're not talking full-on boudoir shoot here, but you can show your intimacy by using some fun poses for couples that involve lying down and shooting from above.

If you're using your phone, use a holder that you can clamp above you. If you're shooting with a digital or film camera, sit it on a tripod looking down. Then try poses where you're embracing or snuggling and keep moving.

Play With Fun Poses for Couples


If you're a playful couple, show that in your pictures. It's easy to do, especially if you have a friend who can help you. Some playful couple photoshoot ideas might be piggy back rides, tickle fights, and lots of kissing.

Try a Special Gaze


You know that look your person gets on their face when they're gazing at you with love? Capture that in your photos. You can take turns looking at each other. This gaze shows your connection.

Quick Tip

Gazing at each other can feel a little awkward for couples, so I usually give them some guidance. I ask them to think about what they love about the other person or remember the last time their partner did something wonderful.

Have a Lifestyle Couple's Photoshoot


A lifestyle photoshoot is where you take pictures of people in a sort of cleaned-up version of their real life. Think hanging at home on your couch or snuggling with pets or working in the kitchen together. You might declutter a little to keep the background from being distracting, but you'll be showing off your life together.

Quick Tip

I like to plan on at least a couple of hours to get lifestyle photos. People need time to relax in front of the camera and just be themselves in their own home. This is way easier if you have a photographer or friend helping take the pictures too, since they can try different angles and let the two of you just focus on each other.

Wrap Up Together


Want a surefire way to take good pictures of a couple (including you and your partner)? Wrap them up together. Grab a blanket or a beach towel and have both of them wrap up. This adds instant intimacy and coziness to the pictures, and it's perfect for winter photos, shots at the beach, or pretty much anything else.

Hold Hands in Your Couple Photos


The simple act of reaching out and taking the other person's hand can help you show your love in photos just like it does in real life. One really cool way to do this in your pictures is to walk together with the photographer (or a friend) walking in front of you. Hold hands and take turns leading. You'll get some adorable shots.

Show Your Adventurous Side


If you love to have adventures together, make those moments part of your photos. Take pictures while you're camping, hiking, sailing, or doing whatever you love to do.

Quick Tip

When I take a photo that has me in it, I focus on the other person or on something that's near where I'll be (like a doorway or branch). Then I can set the timer and position myself in the right spot.

Put Your Heads Together (Literally)


One of the best couple poses for pictures is just leaning your heads together. You can do this facing each other and looking into one another's eyes, or you can both face the camera or look off in the distance. Having your heads touching feels close and looks super cute.

Get Some Wide-Angle Shots Too


Close photos are great for showing intimacy, but you can also tell the story of your relationship by backing up a little and using a wide-angle lens (most phones have one, so if you're shooting that, you're already set). Head out to a favorite place and try to get some of the scene in the photo. You'll love the sense of context it gives.

Frame Yourselves Perfectly for Elegant Couples Photos


You can't go wrong with your pictures if you frame yourselves in an open window or doorway. This adds instant drama to the scene and keeps the focus on you. You can underexpose to make this a sweet silhouette, or you can expose for the two of you and let the light in the window give you a glow.

Use Window Light to Your Advantage


It's not always perfect weather outside, but you can get perfect light and great couples photos by shooting next to a window indoors. Set up the camera so it includes some of the window and some of the space next to it (or have a friend or photographer shoot from that angle). Then pose together, looking out the window and holding each other.

Hold Your Couples Photoshoot in the Prettiest Place You Know


You know that beautiful view you always admire? That might just be the perfect place for your pics. Think fields of flowers, mountain vistas, forest paths, that sort of thing. Find your favorite place and hold your photoshoot there.

Quick Tip

I like to avoid crowded times at prime locations like wildflower fields so I don't have to worry about random people walking through the background of the photo. This might mean shooting early in the morning.

Make Time for Simple Candid Couple Photos


The perfect background and great outfits are never the wrong choice, but there's also something to be said for having some candid shots of the two of you together. Do something you normally do, like go for a walk in your neighborhood or ride your bikes.

You'll need to enlist the help of a friend or photographer here and ask that person to just shoot a ton of photos of the two of you interacting. You'll get pictures that are just super you.

Use These Fun Couple Photography Ideas for Every Photoshoot


Whether you're shooting holiday photos to send with your card, getting some great shots to announce your engagement, or just grabbing some cute and casual photos of the two of you together for Instagram, you can't go wrong trying out lots of different couple photoshoot ideas. Combine different concepts and lighting situations to figure out what's perfect for you. If you get photos that show how much you care about each other, you're doing it right!

16 Sweet Couple Photoshoot Ideas to Show Off Your Bond