Stay in Sync With These Couples Calendar Tips

Streamline your schedules with a shared couples calendar. So long, forgotten plans!

Published May 23, 2023
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If you're always both on the run, maybe one traveling for work, the other with a packed social schedule - so despite working from home, who knows just what that social butterfly will be up to next Thursday - sharing a calendar can help. When you're tired of scrolling text messages and Facebook messages, these apps and even in-real-life calendar tips and tricks for couples will have your schedules ready at a glance.

Best Shared Calendar Apps for Couples to Consider

Go digital and have your schedules ready at a glance with these apps. Some are totally free, and others require a subscription to access all the features. But these shared calendars are some of the best to stay on top of your busy schedules as a couple.

Shared Google Calendar for Couples

This is a classic calendar and one you can access from your phone, your tablet, or your computer. You can share your own Google calendars or create one that is specifically for the two of you. You don't need your calendar bogged down with their six meetings on Thursday, but you do want to know if there are brunch plans for Sunday.

What's wonderful about Google Calendar is the accessibility: from your phone to your laptop to your tablet to your Google Home, you can pull up this calendar from anywhere. It doesn't hurt that it gets an average of 4.2 stars from Android users and 4.6 stars from iOS users, too.


What Cupla does exceptionally well is show individual calendars in addition to your mutual shared commitments, all on one page. Oh, and don't worry, you can go right ahead and sync just about any and all calendars you already maintain, including Google, Apple, Outlook, and Android. You can even plan dates and get date night reminders. It gets an average of 4.7 stars on the App store; some tout its ease of use and helpfulness for couples.

Bonus: it also has a to-do list section that allows you to color coordinate those tasks just like the calendar.


Raft Screenshot

If you're two social butterfly extroverts always on the go, and you want to rope your friends in a little more than the other apps can offer, Raft is your solution for a shared calendar app for couples and friends. You can switch between a shared calendar view, see upcoming plans in a feed, and even chat about events.

Once you invite friends, it may lose its allure as a shared couples calendar, but it is nice to see all your plans in one place. And there's no need to invite friends, either. It's praised as one of the best 15 apps for couples on


The Between app has a whole lot going on. If you're someone that wants your own little social media app with your significant other, you'll want to download this app for your social life ASAP. It's a social media app meets calendar for couples, but it's definitely heavy on the cutesy, so if you only want a dedicated calendar app, it can be a lot. Makes Use Of lauds this app as one of the best for couples to improve their relationships.


A little bit Google Calendar and a little bit Cupla, TimeTree allows you to make your own calendar, their own calendar, and your own mutual shared calendar as a couple. Oh, and even better, you can invite other couples to share their calendar so you can finally plan a night for the four, six, eight of you to finally head down to hibachi and have too much shrimp.

With the ability to leave notes about events, you can finally have your couple calendar cake and eat it too - with all of the details you need. With over five million users and an award as the App Store Best Of in 2015, this is a good option to consider.

And, like Google Calendar, you and your SO can pull up TimeTree on your laptop too.

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For both Android users, Cubbily uses a day, week, month, and task view (no more forgetting those errands!). You can view multiple calendars at a glance or allow the app to work intuitively and show you what matters most. Streamlined, the perfect amount of colorful, and with widgets to keep you up to date - it's a dream for any couples managing a calendar together. Downside, right now you can only access this via Google Play. It's an app rated Excellent according to PCMag.

@honeydol__ Life can get chaotic, but with Cubbily by my side, I've been able to keep my family's schedule organized and our day-to-day activities running smoothly! Whether it's juggling work, school, extracurriculars, or appointments, Cubbily has made it easy for me to schedule everything in one place and stay on top of our busy lives. #cubbily #cubbilyapp #homeorganization #familycalendar #planner#momhack ♬ original sound - Honeydol


Very similar to Between, Couplete allows you to upload pictures, message, and send love letters, so its main function isn't the calendar. If you want a place that's a little more mature than Between to manage your shared calendar as a couple, but have an app that's all about you two, it's a great choice. It's also highly rated as a long-distance relationship app.

Phone Calendars

Another option is to look no further than the apps your phone is already loaded up with. Of course, that only works if you share the same phone brand. If you're an Apple user and your texts are green, this approach may not work. But don't judge those Android users; they'll come around soon enough. Looking at you, one friend that is holding the group chat with several couples back from its full potential.

With Apple, you can access your calendar across Mac devices; the same applies for Android.

Why You Should Create a Shared Calendar as a Couple

Having a shared calendar app as a couple cuts down on scrolling through texts to find just when you said you would grab dinner, when that wedding out of state is, or when their birthday is. Some of us aren't great at remembering dates, okay? It can help:

  • Keep track of events
  • Mark important dates
  • Manage everyday errands and meal plans
  • Have better communication
  • Coordinate date nights or time together better
  • Plan a surprise for your SO because you know when it can work
  • Make you feel generally more connected as a couple

Tips for Making a Shared Calendar With Your Partner

Once you've decided what calendar platform you want to use, use these questions as starting points for making an effective calendar together.

  • Decide how you want to use the calendar
  • Decide the time frame you want your calendar to cover (Do working hours matter, or do you want 24/7? Do you want to only know about after work and weekends?)
  • Will you include reminders on the calendar?
  • How much detail do you want on the calendar?
  • Will you both be keeping it up to date or will one person be the designated calendar person?
  • Will you communicate additions and cancellations?

Sharing Calendars Offline and On the Wall

From the screen to your wall, sometimes you don't want all the nitty-gritty details and would rather manage your own calendars and schedules - especially if you have different approaches for how you use your calendar.

Use a White Board Calendar or Two

White Board Calendar

Juggling events, dates, birthdays - for not just one person but two - is a lot. You can also ditch the technology in favor of a good old-fashioned calendar or two. See the next three-months at a glance with a three-month whiteboard calendar. On it's own with the nitty-gritty details or with the three-month to serve as a reminder of what's to come, a whiteboard calendar is one of the best ways to keep track of your schedules. And you can do it all without the worries of accidentally deleting an event.

Use An Old-Fashioned Calendar

There's a reason those 12-month calendars have hung around for so long. There's no limit to designs of 12-month calendars, and these days you can even print and customize your own so there's no limit to what you can or can't plan.

Timeless Benefits to a Shared Couples Calendar

Cut down on the "you didn't remember?!" or the "I told you eight times already" and the "I know you told me when you were going to Detroit, but I don't remember" text messages. You have better things to talk about - even if it's about the new family of rabbits that's moved into your backyard.

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Stay in Sync With These Couples Calendar Tips