Gallery of 7 Fun Date Night Ideas

A Date Night Revival

Nothing slices through the passion in a relationship more than day-to-day routine. So when it comes to your scheduled date nights, this is the time to think outside your comfort zone and exhaust your creativity!

Experimenting With Ethic Foods

Most couples frequent their favorite restaurants on a regular basis, but trying out new eateries is key to expanding your horizons. Better yet, add an ethnic slant to your restaurant repertoire by exploring your city's best reviewed ethnic restaurants. Moroccan cuisine, Brazilian grills, Persian, Nepali or Jamaican food can be a bold change for you both. Make the night memorable by choosing the least comfortable options on the menu.

Scary Movie Night

A night out to the theatre is a pretty classic move. However, staying in for a chilling thrill fest can throw an interesting twist into your relationship. Pick only the creepiest horror films and relax together with homemade popcorn and sangria. You'll get extra points for a flick in 3D!

Live Local Musical Theatre

Add an uppity element to your week by taking in some live and local musical theatre. Skip the big time Broadway-worthy bands in favor of smaller local theatre groups. If the performance is flawless, it will inspire you both for ages to come. However, a weak performance can be every bit as enjoyable to critique, thus fueling your conversation for the remainder of the night.

Roller Derby

Roller Derby is like the angry distant cousin of live musical theatre, and it will certainly grant you an interesting show. Check to see if your city hosts a roller derby league. These wheel-bound athletes will provide your evening with all the violent passion you need to feel alive.

Babysit for Friends

So, you think you've been through everything as a couple? Improve your partnership skills by volunteering your date night to babysit for friends. This may seem like an initial romance killer, but the bonding that takes place over complicated child projects may serve to strengthen your love forever. Better yet, some kids are just plain fun when it comes to a pizza and Wii night.

Cooking Complex Recipes

Two heads are better than one when it comes to your first shot at Coq au Vin. Sauteeing pearl onions may ignite untold passions, or at least your appetite. Plus, it's always fun to see your partner in an apron. Cooking together can be a very romantic evening option. Moreover, choosing bold, complex recipes is also a useful skill-building exercise.

A Lasting Spark

Planning enjoyable date nights doesn't need to kill your budget. Adding unique or interesting new elements to your romance can be done relatively inexpensively and in the privacy of your own home. Be daring, productive, and open-minded, and you'll already host the qualities necessary for keeping your love life awake and active.

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Gallery of 7 Fun Date Night Ideas