9 Common Signs a Guy Likes You As More Than a Friend

You don't need a rulebook on love when you've got these signs to look out for.

Updated June 29, 2023
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For years, all we've had to consult about whether he likes you as more than a friend or not is plucking petals off of a flower. But, when you notice a guy starting to open up more or share his problems with you, it could be a hint that you've piqued his interest.

Now, nobody comes with a rulebook, but you can take a look at these common signs that a guy likes you romantically to let you in on the secret early.

Verbal Signs That He Might Like You

People aren't as subtle as they think, so if he likes you, he'll probably show it through both words and actions. A simple turn of phrase could mean something much deeper, so don't miss the verbal cues he's giving that show he's really into you.

He Trusts You With His Feelings

In a patriarchal world that tells men to suppress their feelings, it's no wonder that some of them are reluctant to share. According to relationship coach Virginia Clark, when a guy opens up to you emotionally and starts revealing deep thoughts, fears, and hopes, it's a good indicator he might be falling for you.

Sharing secrets and meaningful aspects of your identity is a way that humans can connect with each other. When someone's able to be vulnerable about their thoughts and feelings with you, it's likely that've classed you at a higher level of intimacy than just a friend.

He Texts and Calls More Often During the Day

Socially, we're usually taught that men are less verbose than women. While this isn't always the case, getting a ton of random texts and calls just to chat is a good indicator that a guy is growing quite fond of you. Talking takes time, and what people spend the most time doing during their day can indicate a lot about what's important to them.

Also, all of these calls and texts can mean he's got an increased interest in knowing you on a deeper level, and wants to hear anything and everything you have to say. When someone's genuinely interested in your thoughts about the best crayon brands, it's a good sign they're smitten.

He Updates You About His Life

When something new (good or bad) happens in your life, who are the first people you think about telling? If you're topping the list for a guy you know, then he could have developed feelings for you. If sharing with you supersedes his best friends and family, then you're probably sitting quite close to his heart.

He Talk to You For Hours on End

When you're really interested in someone, you can't help but want to know everything about them. This can easily lead to hours-long conversations on the phone or in-person. Afternoon hangouts roll into the evening, until you both realize that the wee hours of the morning are already here. If a guy's reluctant to let you off the phone, or if you're gabbing for hours about anything and everything, he's probably a little sweet on you.

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He Jokes About Dating You

Everyone wants to test the water before jumping in, and the same can be said for sussing out someone's feelings for you. A guy who is interested in you might joke around about dating you, what it'd be like to date you, or how you'd make a great partner. These are all not-so-subtle ways of seeing your reaction and modifying their behavior based on it.

He's Vulnerable With You

When someone feels comfortable being vulnerable about their deeper thoughts, experiences, and secrets, it means they really trust you. And the most important element in a burgeoning bond is trust.

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If he's starting to talk about difficult situations he's experienced, as well as his ultimate goals career-wise and romantically, he likely considers you to be very close to him. These deep conversations not only mean that he may be falling for you, but also mean that he cares about your opinion.

Things He Might Do That Show He's Interested

The old adage that actions speak louder than words is often true. If you're getting mixed signals from his see-sawing language, then take a look at his actions and see what you can glean from them.

He Takes Every Opportunity to Hang Out

A great sign that a guy might be into you is asking you to hang out a lot and always jumping on board the times you offer. This shows that he's making spending time with you a priority, and also that he just flat out enjoys your company. And if your relationship were to lead towards something romantic, it's a good thing to know you can stand being around each other for hours on end.

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He Bumps Into You More Often

Like moths to a flame, humans are drawn to the people they're interested in, particularly romantic interests. If you find yourself unconsciously bumping into someone all the time, this could mean that they want to spend as much time as possible with you. In a sweet way, think about them being caught in your captivating orbit.

He's Thoughtful

A man who's extra thoughtful may go above and beyond to show you how much he cares about you. He may surprise you by cooking you dinner, bringing you your favorite goodies, running errands with you or for you, and wanting to spend time with you as often as possible.

Don't take this as love bombing, but rather a giddy expression of his excitement over getting to know you better.

There Can Be Other Signs a Guy Likes You Romantically

While these are some of the more common signs you might run into, there are so many more. For example, he may also smile more, laugh at your jokes more, act differently when around you, and drop everything just to do something that makes you happy.

Need to Know

Remember it always comes down to the individual person and how their actions and words with you shape up to how they act with others.

All You Can Do Is Pay Attention

To really figure out if anyone has romantic feelings for you, you have to pay attention to how they're acting now and compare it to how they acted before. If you've noticed they've grown much more comfortable around you, want to spend more time with you, and exhibit most of the other signs mentioned, then the special guy in your life probably views you as more than a friend.

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9 Common Signs a Guy Likes You As More Than a Friend