Cracking the Code of the Smile Dating Test and How to Put It to Use

The Smile Dating Test took the internet by storm; see what experts have to say about using it for your dating life.

Published June 21, 2023
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Curious about your dating style? Trying to figure out what you might be looking for (or not looking for) in a relationship and the surefire way to your heart? The Smile Dating Test that TikTok is all abuzz about does just that!

The only thing between you and true love is just 12 short questions. All you need to do is click! If only dating was that easy.

TikTok and the Smile Dating Test

You can thank TikTok for the rise and spread of the Smile Dating Test. Although TikTok first saw this early 2023, it's continuing to pick up steam. Not sure what to make of it? We talked to relationship experts to get more insight on this popular test.

Isabel Faye, of Twinsflamesly, attributes the success to "innate human curiosity and the desire for self-discovery." Faye cites the Social Comparison Theory, and the human desire to evaluate how we might measure up to others, behind why so many TikTokers share their results.

With 16 different results, all telling you just how you approach love - are you a sunny person but are slow to show people who you are, or do you fall in love quickly and deeply? From olive smile to mint smile to purple smile to orange smile, it's just 12 short multiple-choice questions to see which color smile matches your heart.

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It's the "innate human tendency to enjoy easy and accessible experiences" that drives the popularity of the Smile Dating Test, Faye says.

And, as a bonus, the Smile Dating Test tells you which two smiles you're most compatible with - and the ones you should avoid. So why is everyone hooked on the Smile Dating Test? It's just plain-old-internet-quiz fun.

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How to Take the Smile Dating Test

To take the Smile Dating Test, you simply head to the K-Test website landing page for the Smile Dating Test. Start your journey of finding your dating style with a colorful smiley by clicking, "Going to do a test." The quiz will prompt you with a series of questions, and you will select one of two options before moving onto the next.

  • "When you have no plan for the weekend, what will you do?"
  • "What will you do if you have an unexpected appointment suddenly?"
  • "What do you think when you get on a plane for a trip?"
  • "How do you choose a date dress?"
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What Does the Smile Dating Test Tell You?

There's no science or detailed system behind the Smile Dating Test other than it's another fun dating and personality quiz you can click through online. While some may find that the test describes them perfectly, for instance, as a mint smile, I fully agree that I express more and more once I open up. However, I don't necessarily agree that I like to attract attention. But, since I write for work, maybe that's a little more true than I like to give credit. I do certainly prefer someone who is straightforward, though.

My partner wound up with olive smile, and while we didn't land on the compatible list, we didn't land on incompatible either.

For Lisa Lawless, Ph.D., C.E.O. of Holistic Wisdom, Inc, the Smile Dating Test doesn't give us information, so much as it "appease[s] curiosity and prompt[s] enjoyable self-reflection, validation, and conversations with others." More than anything, the test validates how you see yourself, your partner, while giving you pause about what you don't necessarily agree with. (Hello, liking to attract attention reflection.)

The results you receive are a general vibe of what you look for in a relationship, the way you open up to a new partner, your mannerisms once you're with someone, the ways your partner makes you feel loved and heard, and how you show your partner love.

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Lawless belives that people gravitate towards these tests because "They are easy to take and don't require any sort of expert interpretation, making them appealing to a fairly broad audience."

What the Experts Say About the Smile Dating Test

Who better to talk about love than the pros about the viral TikTok smile dating test?

Lawless wants people to remember that this test isn't scientific, and it's about fun and entertainment more than anything. But, there is a sense of community about plunging into these personality and dating tests, "Quizzes such as these can be a way for people to participate in a social trend, often done to have a shared experience and have camaraderie with others even when the results are not as flattering as others."

With a dose of skepticism and reflection, Faye emphasizes the importance of reflecting on the results to take a deeper look into the test taker's own "desires, priorities, and communication styles."

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Putting Your Smile Dating Test to Use

These tests aren't about deciding who you date, marry, or spend your life with. Internet tests such as these are purely for amusement and fun. Like who your zodiac sign aligns best with, or what your MBTI personality is.

For Faye, the Smile Dating test can function as an ice breaker or conversation starter, with such discussion leading to "deeper conversations about values, communication styles, and emotional compatibility."

TLDR? Discussing the Smile Dating Test with someone you're interested in or even dating allows you an avenue to dive into important parts of a relationship "beyond surface-level attraction."

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Finding Love With a Smile

While the Smile Dating Test may not reveal our true selves or that of our partners, it is a tool to guide self-reflection as you navigate the dating world. And knowing yourself, your wants, your needs, is one of the best ways to find and curate the best relationship for you.

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Cracking the Code of the Smile Dating Test and How to Put It to Use