12 Romantic Gifts for Guys

Romantic Gifts for Guys


Believe it or not, your guy probably considers the same things romantic that you do. You can send a guy chocolates, roses and a stuffed bear and he'll likely get a kick out of it (even if he gets a little ribbing from the guys). The point of a romantic gift is to say, "I love you," and to make your man feel special.

The Gift of Time Together


Guys love to spend time with their girls, so give him the gift of time doing what he loves -- sports, playing video games, hiking and more. Even if the activitity in and of itself isn't romantic, the sentiment and time spent with him surely will be.

Boxers or Briefs


Boxers or briefs? Let your guy know you're thinking about him and how wonderful he is by getting him a pair of boxers. Boxers made of silk will let him know you have something fun on your mind for later.

Camping Trip


Speaking of time spent together, consider being adventurous and going camping, fishing or other outdoor sport that your man enjoys. Let him share the world with you. Evenings spent under the stars and alone speak volumes about your romantic intentions.

Sexy Self-Portrait


The sexy self-portrait is a gift your man will enjoy over and over again. If you're comfortable, have them professionally done. However, if the thought of baring a lot of skin in front of a stranger gives you the heebie jeebies, get a friend to take pictures of you with a digital camera. That way you can take a ton of pictures and edit all you want so that they look right.



You can sign the two of you up for a couples massage or give him the massage yourself. The time spent in intimate, quiet company can be one of the more compelling romantic gifts you give your significant other.

Dance Lessons


Have you ever wanted to spend the night dancing away but your guy wasn't into it because he couldn't dance? Consider private dancing lessons for two, strutting your stuff and getting physical. You might just surprise him with how much fun it is.

Romantic Home-Cooked Meal


Cook your man's favorite meal and set up a candlelight dinner in your home. You can have soft music in the background and a fire going for added romance.

Rent a Luxury Car


If your man is a luxury car enthusiast, consider renting one for the day to do some joyriding. He will be ecstatic that he gets to drive a car he could never afford and spend the day with you, seeing romantic sites in your area.



Some men love jewelry as much as women do, especially watches and bracelets. Find a nice watch or men's bracelet at a jewelry store to surprise him. If possible, engrave something special on the back of it.

Digital Photo Frame


A digital photo frame will make him smile anytime he looks at your beautiful smile on the screen. Add pictures of the special times you have shared or single pictures of yourself.

Sweet Treat


If your man has a sweet tooth, make or buy him some chocolate-covered strawberries or other dessert. Feed it to him by candlelight while you enjoy dessert wine and soft music.

Sexy Lingerie for You


Buying sexy lingerie for yourself and wearing it for your sweetheart will be just as much of a present for him as it is for you. Don't worry, he will not be disappointed that he didn't actually receive a gift because after all, his gift is you! Next, start gathering some romantic birthday ideas for him to go with some of these gifts.

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12 Romantic Gifts for Guys