Tinder First Date Ideas Worth Swiping Right For

Take your swipe from online to date night with ideas that will make them immediately say yes to a second date.

Published February 23, 2024

There's nothing quite like love at first swipe. But when it comes time to take that flirty conversation from the screen to real life, the first date should be something that's fun and helps to keep the conversation flowing. Keep the dreaded awkward silence at bay on those Tinder first dates with these ideas that aren't just grabbing a cup of coffee. Better yet, these make some pretty fab second-date ideas, too. Perfect for when those sparks start to fly. 

Check Out an Arcade


Go old-school cool with an arcade date to woo your Tinder match. Hit up a barcade that offers some adult beverages and finger foods, track down an arcade museum, or keep it classic with a roller rink with a full arcade set-up. Don't forget to bring the quarters! Bonus points if you combine your tickets to let your date pick out a prize. 

Grab Some Shoes and Go Bowling


People-watching, having some snacks, and hitting the lanes for a Tinder date is a match made in heaven. A pro tip, though: don't rush from turn to turn. Otherwise, you won't have time to hang out and chat. And no one wants to talk about themselves when they're out of breath from bowling. Another idea is to have your snacks and chat between games. Winner buys the next round! 

Check Out a Winery or Brewery


Just like you're sampling love, take your Tinder date to a winery or brewery to sample some vino or brews. Share a flight or tasting because driving buzzed is no way to make a good first impression. If a local brewery or winery isn't convenient, check out a brewpub or bar that features a large selection and share your discoveries. 

Take the Dog for a Walk


No, we're not talking about the classic yo-yo trick, although if that's why the two of you swiped right on each other, then go right ahead and do that. If not, we're talking about your actual dog (or dogs!) There's no love quite like puppy love, and knowing that your Tinder date and four-legged buddy are cute together is a great way to have the perfect first date with your match. The only way this could be better? If they bring their dog, too. 

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Get Competitive at a Board Game Cafe


You can tell a lot about a person based on how they play a board game and how they handle winning or losing — or even learning the rules when it's a new game! Get cozy at a local board game cafe to gather some clues about the life of your Tinder match. Just be careful not to monopolize the conversation. After all, they'll want to know how you operate, too! 

Browse a Bookstore


It may not be a meet-cute straight from a rom-com, but a bookstore date is a surefire way to take your first Tinder date from average to memorable. If that bookstore happens to have a cute little cafe or restaurant attached, there are no rules saying you can't pick out a book for one another and enjoy some quiet time with your books, a sandwich, and your blossoming love. (We see you, introverts on dating apps!) 

Check Out Trivia Night


The most awkward part about first dates? Those lulls in conversation! You can't buy yourself time to reply when you're working on the perfect comeback or compliment. But at trivia night? It's an easy way to break the ice and learn a little bit more about their secret talents. How do they know all that information about mushrooms?! 

Visit a Local Fair, Festival, or Carnival


With so many different carnivals, festivals, conventions, and fairs, there's no shortage of events on a community calendar with something to do. You can suggest a few of these to your date or surprise them with a visit to one of their favorites. You can't go wrong taking your craft-loving Tinder date to a craft fair! 

Take a Swing at Mini-Golf


If bowling or arcades aren't quite your speed, or it's finally nice weather and you want to soak up the sunshine, grab some clubs and play a round of golf. Mini-golf, that is. Plus, it takes far less time than some other dates, perfect for if you have some nerves. Who knows — you might even get your date to swipe yes on grabbing some ice cream after if things are going well. 

Go See a Movie


There's a reason the movie date has remained a standard for so long. And thanks to a resurgence of classic films, small theatres, and even drive-ins, you don't need to check out the latest film to hit the silver screen. Grab two tickets to a cult favorite or a movie from your date's favorite genre. Dinner afterward is totally optional, but how else can you hash out the movie and fall in love over milkshakes? 

Visit an Orchard or Farm


Fall isn't the only time you can visit a farm! Go on a pick-your-own berry adventure, pet some farm animals, or pick up some foods from the farmstand to take with you on a picnic after all your hard work. Depending on the time of year, you'll definitely want to remember to bring some sunscreen. The only thing that should be red hot after this date is your love, not your face. 

Take a Bite of Love With a Pizza Date


If you're the type to get a little cheesy for love, why not see if there's a sizzle between you and your Tinder match by taking them to a pizza parlor for your first date? Share a pizza, or each pick out a small personal size to share. Get adventurous or keep it classic, but definitely skip the garlic bread. And do your best not to flip the pizza onto the floor. 

Tickle Your Funny Bone With Comedy


If you share a similar sense of humor, tickle your match's funny bone by taking your Tinder date to see some stand-up comedy. Check out a local bar, coffee shop, or even comedy club to catch some minor talent. Although, if the timing is right, there's no denying the magnetism of seeing a big name with guaranteed laughs. It's not your fault they now associate you with their stomach hurting from laughing so much! 

Walk and Talk Over Coffee


There's nothing wrong with grabbing a coffee with your Tinder match for your first date. It's just that it has probably been done a few times before, and you want to stand out in a good way. Grab your coffee to go and take a walk around town while you get to know each other better rather than staring directly into their soul when asking about their favorite movies. 

Tinder Dates Beyond the Swipe


Make a statement with your next Tinder match by planning a first date that'll totally wow them. From chat to date, these fresh ideas will liven up your game and even help you secure that coveted second date. We're not saying these date ideas are a ticket to Couplesville, but prepare to clear your calendar. 

Tinder First Date Ideas Worth Swiping Right For