Ultimate List of Nicknames for Cousins From Cute to Comical

We have over 115 cousin nicknames, enough for your whole cousin crew. Use them as inspo to find the perfect names for your favorite cousins.

Updated April 17, 2024
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Nobody gets you quite like your cousin. Your cousins are often your first friends and your best friends. Between you and your cousins, you probably have countless memories, inside jokes, and plenty of nicknames for each other. When choosing a nickname for your cousin, use your shared history and your personality and humor to find the perfect nickname for a relative you hold so dear.

Nicknames for a Female Cousin

Your girl cousins are near and dear to your heart. They were the ones you played pretend with, had sleepovers with, and shared first crushes with. Give your family BFF a deserving nickname because to you, she is truly irreplaceable.

  • Miss Siss
  • Forever My Friend (FMF)
  • Chicka
  • Sweetie
  • Cuzzy-Wuzzy
  • Sista
  • Queen Bee
  • Twinnie
  • Minnie Me - perfect for a younger female cousin
  • Idol - because you have looked up to her for your entire life
  • Family Barbie - she is pretty, and she knows it
  • Lovie Cousie
  • My Gal
  • Funky Fee - for your funky female cousin
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Nicknames for a Male Cousin

The two of you grew up like peas in a pod. From playing ball in the yard to riding bikes and stirring up mischief, your male cousin was as close to a brother as you ever had. You might actually even like your cousin more than your biological brother! He will always be your right-hand man, so let his nickname reflect his importance in your life.

  • Bio Bro
  • Cuz with Fuzz - for a bearded cousin
  • Bud
  • Brother-in-Waiting
  • Basically Bro
  • Big Cuz - for an older cousin
  • Lil Cuz - for a younger cousin
  • Cuz-Kiddo
  • Buzzy Cuzzy
  • Cuzmatazz

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Gender Neutral Cousin Nicknames

These clever gender-neutral nicknames will work for either a male or a female cousin.

  • Other Half
  • Left Side
  • DNA Homie
  • Cuz
  • Cuzzie
  • Cuzalicious
  • In Cuz We Trust
  • Carpe Cousin
  • "Lil"
  • Cuzzo
  • Fav
  • Sidekick
  • Hermano - means brother in Spanish
  • Hermana - means sister in Spanish
  • BFC - Best Friend Cousin
  • Cuzster
  • CZ
  • Cuzbo
  • Cuzilla
  • Second Place
  • Runner Up
  • Understudy - because in your mind, you are the family star
  • Black Sheep
  • Grandma Always Liked You Best

Nicknames for a Group of Cousins

Growing up, you and your cousins were as thick as thieves, and no one ever came between you and your pack. As adults, you still roll together and have each others' backs. These nicknames for loyal groups of cousins are fun and creative.

  • The Throwbacks
  • The Originals - especially cute if you all have kids now
  • Bad Seed Gang - because you guys raised a whole lot of ruckus back in the day
  • Cuz Crew
  • Kids' Table Forever - you know that in your mind, you're all still there
  • Sisters by Another Mister
  • Bro Code Forever
  • Framily - you are family, but also friends
  • Soul Sistas
  • The Real Brat Pack
  • Granny's Gals
  • Granny's Guys
  • Super Squad
  • Dozen Cousins
  • Bloodline Bros
  • Team Family
  • Built-In-Besties
  • For-Life
  • Birds of a Feather
  • Same Tree
  • We Get Us
  • Childhood Cherishers
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Use Different Languages for Nickname Inspiration

Use your culture and heritage to come up with unique nicknames for a cousin. These words for "cousin" are beautiful when said in their native language.

  • Cugino - Italian
  • Primo - Spanish
  • Serkku - Finnish
  • Neef - Dutch
  • Bratić - Croatian
  • Nõbu - Estonian
  • Ku - Maltese
  • Cefnder - Welsh
  • Pismam - Kurdish
  • Umzala - Zulu
  • Cognata - Latin

Nicknames for Cousins Based on Their Traits

Your cousin might have special and unique physical characteristics that make him or her stand out above the rest. Use those traits to come up with a nickname.

  • Shortie
  • Beanpole
  • Freckles
  • Tiny
  • Tank
  • Spunky
  • Smiles
  • GQ - for a handsome cousin
  • Princess
  • Tree - for a super tall cousin
  • Smartie
  • Einstein
  • Goof
  • Chuckles
  • Animal

Contact Names for Your Cousin(s) in Your Phone

Finding the perfect cousin contact name will make you smile every time you see their name pop up.

Contact Names for Your Cousin Chat Group

Aren't cousin group chats the greatest? From inside jokes to supporting one another through all the times, give your crew the perfect contact name.

  • Cousin Crew
  • Fam Jam
  • DNA Pool Party
  • Sib Squad
  • Family Circus
  • Genetic Gems
  • Kinfolk Collective
  • Cousin Cluster
  • Clan Vibes
  • Family Flock
  • Callin' All Cousins
  • BeCuz We Can

Cousin Contact Names for Your Fave Relatives

Have a cousin you text with all the time? Make sure the name that pops up on your screen suits them to a T.

  • Cousin It
  • Partner in Crime
  • Family Genius
  • Secret Keeper
  • The Cool Cousin
  • Bloodline Buddy
  • Sibling From Another
  • DNA Sharer
  • Family Whisperer
  • Just BeCuz
Helpful Hack

Honor your favorite people by remembering to celebrate their birthdays and special events in their lives and even hanging out for National Cousins' Day. These people are yours forever, so make sure they always know how much you adore them.

Choose a Nickname That Fits Your Relationship

Nicknames for beloved people should have meaning behind them. Choose something sweet, funny, or silly. But whatever you do, choose a name that will make you smile when you think of your cuz. 

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Ultimate List of Nicknames for Cousins From Cute to Comical