Pros and Cons of Virtual Girlfriends

Robotic woman

A virtual girlfriend simplifies the world of dating by bringing love to the nearest computer or cell phone.

Virtual Girlfriend Options

KARI Virtual Girlfriend

One example of programs designed for the computer is the KARI Virtual Girlfriend. KARI stands for Knowledge Acquiring and Response Intelligence, which in simpler terms means she is based on chatbot programming. When you talk to your KARI model, either verbally or by typing in a chat interface, she will develop increasing conversational skills and a distinct personality. For realistic interactions, the program remembers past conversations and is constantly learning. Use the program's controls and options to further personalize the program until you've created your ideal woman on the computer screen.


V-girl is an example of a virtual girlfriend program for mobile phone users. If you've ever played with a virtual pet, the concept is disturbingly similar. As you play the game, you date several girls and attempt to keep them happy. Your progress is charted on a love meter. Actions like buying romantic gifts raise the love meter while showing up late for a date will make it drop. Mini-games present obstacles to your good deeds. Although the game offers sexy videos and images as rewards for treating your girls' right, the manufacturers are clear in stating that it is not possible to have sex with any of the characters in the game.

Considering the Advantages and Disadvantages


If you're a fan of computer games, a virtual girlfriend can be just one more way to pass the time. However, it can quickly become an unhealthy situation:

  • The idealized women in these programs can lead to unrealistic expectations. The next girl you meet won't be a carefully constructed program. Will you be able to accept her flaws?
  • Because games must have some way to measure your progress, they must focus on gift-giving and other superficial aspects of a relationship. Don't get caught up in this mentality to the point that you bring it into your real-life relationships. It's always nice to show your appreciation for your girlfriend. However, in real-life, a relationship based on common interests is more important than a tally of the money you've spent.
  • Your virtual love interest can take you away from opportunities to build relationships with real women. If you're always sitting in front of your computer or engrossed in clicking keys on your cell phone, you won't be able to engage with available women at work or at neighborhood gathering places.
  • An easy electronic relationship can build a sense of complacency. If you become satisfied with the way things are, you will never strive for bigger and better things with the women you encounter in your day-to-day life.


Despite the potential downfalls of the situation, there are also several advantages to enjoying the company of a virtual girlfriend:

  • If your virtual girlfriend is a chatbot model, talking to her can help you become more comfortable in conversations with the opposite sex. You can practice your pickup lines in a low-risk environment and figure out ways to learn more about a new woman in you life.
  • Electronic relationships can combat loneliness. Whether you travel frequently or are living in a new city, knowing someone is always there can be an uplifting thought.
  • A computer program will always be ready to listen to you. Sometimes you just need to get something off your chest. Talking through a troubling situation can often help you arrive at a solution.

A virtual girlfriend can offer fun and companionship. Moderation and perspective are the keys keeping your electronic relationship healthy.

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Pros and Cons of Virtual Girlfriends