9 Real-World Benefits of Being a Night Owl

If you're a night owl, you may be a bit better at life than you think. As the larks are sleeping you're doing all the things with plenty to show for it.

Published December 16, 2023

Your love for staying up late might be giving you some serious life upgrades. The benefits of being a night owl are just as helpful as those of being a morning person. These are all the things that make being a night owl an actual win for life.

You Get Some Brilliant Ideas Late at Night


All that early morning journaling and list-making may not be for you. But you don't need it since so many of your great ideas come to you in the late night hours. Creative bursts, business ideas, and the solution to that one pesky work problem might all hit you around midnight. 

Quick Tip

Keep a notebook by your bed so those genius ideas have a place to go when they come to you in the middle of the night.

Your PM Productivity Is Off the Charts


If you're a night owl, you may be your most productive later in the day and well into the night. You're deep-cleaning your bathroom at 11 p.m., getting around to all those thank you cards at midnight, and by the time you finally crawl into bed you've completed your to-do list and then some. 

You Never Get Behind on Your Shows


Spoilers don't scare you because you've already seen the latest episode of your favorite show. Being a night owl leaves you plenty of time to watch TV and rent the latest movies. If you're a night owl, you may also be the movie buff or drama junkie in your friend group.

Meeting Deadlines Is No Problem for You


A last-minute work assignment doesn't bother you because you're a pro at meeting impossible deadlines. Staying up late gives you an advantage in your career or academics because you can crank out a report or a presentation with one late night and some of your favorite snacks at your side.

You Have Unforgettable Experiences


Staying up late for the night owls of the world sometimes means staying out late. You've had more memorable experiences after midnight than you can count. Even when you aren't going out, you can recall beautiful starry nights and meaningful conversations with friends to make your night owl life a truly unforgettable experience. 

Fast Fact

If you're a night owl, you might be rather successful in life. Some famous night owls include Winston Churchill, Barrack Obama, and J.R.R. Tolkien.

Your Friends Know Who to Call at Night


Your bestie going through a breakup, your cousin needing to vent about toxic family members, and your former college roommate with a career crisis all know who to call with their late-night musings. As a night owl, you have a unique ability and opportunity to be a good listener and a great friend. 

You're always available for a nighttime chat and they'll never catch you yawning in the middle of a story. You're a night owl and a spectacular friend: go you. 

You're a Master Midnight Snack Maker


There isn't a midnight snack you haven't tried. You've baked the best cookies and made some of the most popular viral recipes. Your coworkers and family may not realize it, but your night owl tendencies are exactly why they get to enjoy so many wonderful treats throughout the year.

You Know the True Meaning of a Slow Morning


The early birds may have mastered rising before the sun. But being a night owl might mean you prefer to wake up slowly. You've mastered the art of waking up at your own pace, creating space for self-care early in the day, and giving yourself the rest you need for a productive day ahead.

Need to Know

Sleeping in late doesn't make you lazy or less productive than early birds. Being a night owl allows you to be more productive late in the day, so needing more rest in the earlier hours is totally okay. 

You Make Plenty of Time for You


Self-care is definitely a part of your daily routine. You just prefer to practice self-care well after the sun sets. Because your day seems so much longer than everyone else's, you might make time for the things that bring joy to your life. Reading, relaxing, and investing time in hobbies is no problem for you — as long as you can sleep in just a little while tomorrow.

Celebrate Being a Night Owl and Don't Let the Mornings Get You Down


All those 5 a.m. morning routines just aren't for you, and that's okay. Since you're a night owl you can be just as productive as anyone else, you just prefer to do so in the later hours of the day. Just because you're not getting your workout in before 7 a.m., that doesn't mean you're not totally killing it at life. 

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9 Real-World Benefits of Being a Night Owl