7 Real-World Benefits of Being an Introvert

All that alone time makes us awesome in so many ways! Being an introvert has lots of advantages — and some might surprise you.

Published October 26, 2023


If you tend to look around at a party or big gathering and feel like it's a little too peoply out there, we get you. Being with other humans can be exhausting, but there are actually a few surprising benefits of being an introvert that totally make up for the social energy drain.

If you're an introvert, it might be time to lean into your fundamental nature and appreciate what makes being an introvert so great. If you're more of an extrovert, you can get a peek behind the curtain of what makes introverts special. 

Introverts May Be Less Likely to Overeat


We totally get the joy of a tasty solo snack, a good book, and maybe a cat, but it turns out that introverts may be less likely to overeat than their extroverted counterparts. A study of eating habits by Cornell Food and Brand Lab found that introverts tend to eat more slowly and serve themselves smaller portions. This might not always be the case — and certainly doesn't mean we don't enjoy a salty or sugary snack on occasion, but introverts just might savor it and eat a little less.

Introverts Are Often Super Creative


What do Bob Dylan, Vincent Van Gogh, Charlotte Bronte, and Albert Einstein have in common? They were all probably introverts, and they're some of the most creative people in their fields. There's a well-known link between creativity and introversion, and all we have to do is look at some of the greatest creative contributors to see it.

It may come from having such a rich inner life. When we're quietly daydreaming, we're often working on new ideas or expanding ones we've already had.

Introverts Tend to Be Great Listeners


Sure, we might do less talking than our extroverted friends, but we're not just sitting there disconnected from what's happening around us. We know how to listen while we lurk on the fringes of the party.

And we also know how to listen when we're having coffee with friends or chatting on the phone. Introverts are good at tuning in, which can make them exceptional partners, friends, and even bosses.

Introverts Are Awesome at Focusing on What They Love


Being out in the loud and busy world of social events is pretty distracting — way more distracting than being at home doing what you really love to do. Whether that's learning, creating, reading, or doing anything else, introverts bring the power of their undivided attention to what they do.

Introverts Know How to Be Alone Without Being Lonely


If your best party trick is not showing up in the first place, you might be part of the introvert club (don't worry; we don't have meetings). One of the biggest advantages of being an introvert is that we know how to spend time alone without feeling lonely. Our rich inner lives and ability to keep ourselves happily occupied keep us from getting bored and sad when other people aren't around to play.

Introverts Form Deep Friendships


Just because introverts are comfortable being alone doesn't mean they don't value friendship too. Even though we sometimes want to be where the people are not, we do treasure our friendships with a few special people. In fact, introverts can form very deep friendships that sometimes last for many years or even a lifetime.

Need to Know

Introverts can't be friends with just anyone. They need to be able to talk about ideas and share one-on-one hangout time without a lot of outside input and stress. We tend to look for friends who see the value in our ability to listen and want to hear about our creative ideas.

Introverts May Actually Say Fewer Awkward Things


Not all introverts are socially anxious, but if you are, we've got some news that may help. One of the pros of being an introvert could actually be saying fewer awkward things.

Here's why: introverts are good listeners who pause and think before speaking. Even if you're worried some random thing in the conversation is going to trip you up and you'll land with your foot in your mouth, that's probably not going to happen because of your introverted nature.

Embrace Being an Introvert


Even though society sometimes prizes the qualities of extroverts, the benefits of being an introvert can't be ignored. Sure, it can be painful to make small talk or exhausting to go to a party, but we get the incredible gift of a rich inner life and deep connection to those we love.

If you're an introvert, embrace your nature and all the great things that come with it. And if you're not, you can still embrace all the qualities that make your introverted friends and family members so unique. 

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7 Real-World Benefits of Being an Introvert