Using Social Networking to Search People for Free

Are you looking for a free social network people search?
Are you looking for a free social network people search?

If you want to find your friends, neighbors and acquaintances on social media sites, you can frequently do so for free. Many social networking sites include a free people search engine that allows you to look someone up by name, email or other identifying information.

Free Social Network Search Options

There are several popular social networking sites that include free search options. Sites like Facebook, Tweepz, Twitter, Google +, Find People on Plus, LinkedIn and Tagged all offer search capabilities to help you connect with others quickly, easily and for free.


Facebook is one of the most universally recognized and used social media sites around. It allows you to connect with family, friends or friends of friends easily. To make searching easier, it includes two ways to search for friends: Friend Search and Friend Browser.

  • Searchisback allows you to search through the current database of Facebook users. Search by name, email address or company for someone you know.
  • Friend Browser allows you more search options. You can narrow down your hunt for someone by location, including places you once knew them from like high school, college or a previous work place.


Tweepz is a social networking search engine that helps you connect to others through Twitter. Even if you don't have a friend's handle, you can find them easily through Tweepz by using their name, email address, profession, religious affiliation and other identifying characteristics.


If you use Twitter regularly and want to find a friend or acquaintance, you can do so with some capability directly on Twitter. Use the search bar at the top of your home screen to search for friends by name. Check the right hand column to find "People to follow" who have this name.

Google +

If you're looking for people to add to your circles, you can search for them for free right on Google +. The search options allow you to search by name or keyword, and will search through a person's entire profile to find it. This can be helpful if you are attempting to locate someone by a trait or characteristic, rather than a name.


LinkedIn connects you to past and present colleagues and classmates, helping you create a professional contact list online. It allows you to search for someone by name or by distinguishing characteristics such as present and former workplaces, type of work or industry.


Tagged is a social network designed just for meeting new people. It includes several search options to help you connect with others who have similar interests for free. It includes a Free People Search group that can help you locate someone based on several different criteria. It's free to use once you register.

Start Connecting With Others

No matter what social media platform you use to connect with others, make the most of it by searching for friends, family and acquaintances to share it with. Use any of these free search engines to find old friends or to connect with others and make new ones. Doing so will help you get the most out of your social media experiences.

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Using Social Networking to Search People for Free