Sample Leave of Absence Letter

Updated October 29, 2019
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If you need to ask for a leave of absence from your job, it's best to submit your request in writing. The printable sample letter provided here is a good example that you can use as a starting point to customize to your situation.

Sample Letter for a Leave of Absence From Work

No matter what your reason for asking for a leave of absence from work, this template can be edited to be specific to your situation. To view and edit the sample leave of absence (LOA) request letter, simply click the document's image. The letter will open in a separate window as a PDF file that you can edit, save and print. If you need assistance, see this guide to printables.

Download a sample leave of absence letter
Sample leave of absence letter

How to Use the Sample LOA Request Template

Follow these instructions when using the sample letter to request time off from work.

  • If you need to request a job for medical reasons, you may want to use this medical leave of absence example letter instead of the one above.
  • To make changes to the text, click anywhere in the document. You will be able to move your cursor to the areas you need to edit with your mouse or the arrow keys on your keyboard.
  • Delete any text that does not apply in your situation, replacing it with what you need to say. Areas that definitely need to be updated are underlined, though you can make changes to any part of the document.
  • Proofread carefully, being sure there are no errors, that the letter clearly communicates your request and that it is properly formatted. The specific reasons for your request should be clearly listed.
  • Check spelling to verify that all words are spelled correctly, then proofread carefully for grammar and content.
  • When you have made your adjustments, save your version to your computer.
  • Print the document by clicking the printer icon on the toolbar or via the Print command in the File menu.

Considerations When Asking for a Work LOA

Common reasons for requesting a leave of absence from work include illness, becoming a parent, a family emergency, a traumatic event, etc. When requesting extended time off, a few important things that you need to consider include:

  • Review your company's leave of absence policy so you can be sure that the reason for your request is consistent with any requirements specific to your office that exist.
  • If your request for a leave of absence is approved, verify if there is a specific form that you need to submit so that your leave is properly documented.
  • Be aware that your company has the right to deny a request for a leave of absence, so consider how you will handle the situation that led you to make you request if your leave is not approved.
  • Your employer may ask for documentation verifying the reasons that your leave is necessary. You may want to be proactive and submit documentation along with your initial letter.
  • Discuss with your supervisor the best way to let your supervisors know that you will be gone and work with him or her on a plan to ensure your duties are handled in your absence.
  • Expect that your coworkers will likely be curious about your reasons for being gone, so come up with a plan ahead of time for dealing with their questions.
  • Ensure that you are prepared to handle the financial implications of not working during the time frame requested, as the time you are out on a leave of absence will most likely be unpaid.

Making Your Request

Before deciding to request a leave of absence, consider carefully whether the circumstances of your need or desire for time away from work are compelling enough for you to make this type of request. If it is, handle your request strategically. Consider discussing your situation with your supervisor in advance of submitting the written request or deliver the request in person so that you can be there to explain your circumstances persuasively way at the time your letter is delivered.

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Sample Leave of Absence Letter