Sample Letter to Remove Car From Insurance

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If you need to remove coverage for a specific vehicle from your car insurance coverage, it's advisable to send your request to your insurance company in writing. If you aren't sure how to word your request, feel free to use the sample letter provided here to help you get started.

Remove a Vehicle From Auto Insurance

To access the sample letter, simply click the image below. When you do, a customizable PDF document will open. You can edit it simply by clicking anywhere in the document and using your keyboard to make changes to the text. Once you are finished, save, proofread, edit as needed and print. If you need assistance working with the document, refer to this guide to printables.

remove car from auto policy
Letter to remove car from policy

Key Information to Include

To complete your letter, you will need to fill in the affected policy number and the vehicle's year, make and model. Make sure the final letter clearly indicates that you are seeking only to remove this specific vehicle from your policy without making any additional changes. It is also important to specify the date you wish this change to go into effect. Be sure to include a way for the recipient to contact you.

Sending the Letter

You may want to send a letter like this even if you discuss the change you want to make with a representative of the insurance company by telephone or via an online chat. This type of letter provides written documentation of exactly what you requested and when, which can be helpful if you experience any issues with your request.

If you are not sure who the addressee should be, contact your insurance company to find out. Do not simply use "To whom it may concern" or something similar. The letter needs to be sent to an actual person who can ensure that your request is completed. You can mail or email the completed letter to your insurance agent or an authorized representative of the insurance company, or deliver it to the agent's office in person. If you want to receive verification that the document was delivered, request a delivery confirmation.

If you send a letter without first speaking to someone, it's important for you to confirm that the letter has been received and that your request is being processed. You can do this by calling your agent or another authorized team member or reaching out to a customer service representative via the company's toll-free phone number or online system.

It is also advisable to verify that the change has been made by making sure that the amount billed on your next invoice or statement has been reduced to reflect the vehicle's removal from your coverage.

Clear Communication

Whether you are removing a car from your auto policy because you no longer have the vehicle or you are seeking coverage from another insurance provider, it is critical that you clearly convey your request to remove the vehicle from your account. This will reduce the likelihood of any miscommunication and help ensure you don't end up paying to cover a vehicle past the time that you need to do so.

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Sample Letter to Remove Car From Insurance