Where to Find Free Weight Loss Samples

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Dieters often find themselves spending money on one weight loss product after another only to discover that the full-sized item they purchased must be returned or discarded because it has an unpleasant taste, produced negative side effects or simply didn't work as expected. A better approach is to obtain a free sample of a weight loss product so that you can try before buying it and avoid wasting your hard-earned cash.

Diet on Sale Meal Replacement Shakes

If you are looking for a new meal replacement shake, consider requesting a free sample from the Diet On Sale website. While you have to pay a small fee for shipping, you can receive a sample pack with several shakes in different flavors. These shakes can be used to replace meals to aid in reaching your weight loss goals. Diet on Sale only ships to the contiguous 48 States and there is a limit of one per household. Products usually ship within 24 hours of placing your order.

  • Go to the shopping cart page to request your sample. You'll need to provide your name and address, specify which sample pack you want to receive, and pay the $3 shipping fee. You will receive an email order confirmation and directions for tracking the progress of your shipment.


If you'd like to try FITTEAM's weight loss products, you'll be glad to learn that you can get a free sample of a FIT STICK, which is a packet of a powdered mix used to make a weight loss beverage that is intended to give you more energy, control your appetite, increase your metabolism, and stimulate fat loss. The product claims to be organic, vegan, non-GMO, gluten-free, and soy free. The mix should be combined with six to ten ounces of water and consumed up to twice daily. Each fit stick contains a proprietary blend of green tea, garcinia cambogia and other components.

  • Fill out the form on the sample order page to receive one FIT STICK packet at no cost. You will need to provide your shipping details and phone number, and specify primary interest in in the product.


Bio Thin consists of a packet of capsules and is said to be an extreme fat burner so potent that sale is restricted to the U.S. to persons 18 and older. It provides an intense energy surge due to its high caffeine content combined with other ingredients. Consumers are warned to avoid alcohol and additional caffeine while taking this product, and cautioned not to exceed the recommended dosage as it won't increase the product's effectiveness.

  • To order your sample of Bio Thin, add it to your cart via the online ordering page and provide your mailing information. There is a two dollar flat rate for shipping.

Doctors Best Weight Loss Products

Doctors Best provides an array of weight loss solutions such as shakes, snack bars, drinks and soups, snacks and desserts and low-carb replacement foods like pastas and baking mixes. Customers who are new to the Doctor's Best Weight Loss site may order two free samples through the samples request form to receive the items of their choice within seven days.

  • Fill out the request form on the product sample page with your information to request your freebies. Check the box that states how you heard about them, then select what type of products you want and list your desired flavors. Your order will be processed within a week. There is no charge for shipping.

Nutrition 53 Free Product Samples

Nutrition 53 markets many health products and supplements, although only some of them are designed for weight loss. Note that each sample ships for three dollars, and there is a limit of only one of these shipments per customer. A three dollar shipping fee is required.

Lean1 Fat Burning Shake

Lean1 is a shake mix packet intended to make a shake that replaces one of your regular meals. It contains dietary fiber, probiotics, fruits and vegetables, and other ingredients designed to give you energy, assist in burning fat and reduce your appetite. Green coffee bean extract is among its key components.

  • Go to the Lean1 sample order page and choose your flavor to order. Several varieties are available including chocolate, vanilla, cookies and cream, strawberry, chocolate peanut butter, and chocolate mint.

Lean1 Pro Fat Burning Shake

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A more potent option, the Lean 1 Pro shake contains more protein and fat burning ingredients than the previous shake. It is intended for those with more weight to lose, or those who wish to preserve lean muscle tissue while reducing fat. It is designed to be more easily digestible and contains branched chain amino acids.

  • Complete the order form and select your flavor. You can choose among cookies and cream, vanilla and chocolate.

Burn1 Sample Pack

The Burn1 sample pack is a capsule packet that contains a combination of garcinia cambogia, herbs, caffeine, raspberry ketones and thermogenic (fat burning) compounds that claim to incinerate stored fat, dull your appetite between meals and increase your energy for your workouts.

  • Fill out the form on the sample order page and provide your personal mailing information.

Slim1 Natural Weight Loss Formula

Slim1 is a non-gelatin vegetable capsule packet that contains fruit extracts, garcinia cambogia, chromium polynicotinate, hydrocitric acid complex and other ingredients believed to increase fat burning up to 108%, curb appetite and inhibit fat accumulation when combined with a healthy diet and exercise program.

A Word of Caution

Exercise caution when trying any new weight loss product. Before taking these or any other similar products, it is a good idea to first get the approval of your healthcare practitioner. A doctor who is familiar with your health and medical history will be able to review the listed ingredients in a product and determine whether it is likely to be safe or potentially harmful to you. As always, avoid taking weight loss products and supplements if you are pregnant, nursing, taking prescriptions or currently being treated by a physician for any medical condition.

Where to Find Free Weight Loss Samples