8 Halloween Taper Candles to Spookify Your Space

Tall taper candles are a must for spooky season tablescapes.

Published October 16, 2023
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Halloween is that magical time of the year when candy is plentiful, leaves are crunchy, and filling your home with severed limbs and blood-covered décor is considered socially acceptable. But how do you add a warm and inviting glow to your space without overpowering it? With taper candles, of course!

Halloween taper candles offer a fun way to enhance your seasonal décor. Candles are an essential part of decorating for the spooky season, and tapers come in a variety of styles and colors to suit the mood. We tracked down the eight best Halloween taper candles on Amazon that each deliver something unique and unexpected. From remote-controlled LED flameless candles to a set of "vampire tears" tapers that appear to bleed when lit, our top eight picks add spooky vintage charm to your favorite spaces.

With a flameless battery-controlled design, these real wax LED candles look like the real thing but with added peace of mind. The hand-dipped wax features realistic-looking drips, and the wide variety of color options makes it easy to find a style to fit your décor scheme.


Dracula would highly approve of these Vampire Tears bleeding candles. They’re crafted from black wax that creates red drips when lit, giving them a fun and unique “bleeding” effect. They’re perfect for Halloween parties or your next gothic get-together.

The surprisingly realistic flames on these flameless Halloween skeleton taper candles make them perfect for households who want some spooky ambiance without having to worry about little ones or rambunctious pets knocking over actual candles. Choose from 11 spooktacular designs.

If you prefer your Halloween decorations to be less showy and more understated, these 12-inch black taper candles are right up your alley. The thin candlestick design adds classic style, and each stick in the 4-piece set offers 10 hours of burning time. Choose from a variety of color and size options.


How gorgeously gruesome are these 8-inch bleeding taper candles? The 12-pack makes them perfect for decorating your home for a Halloween party, and the bloody design looks eerily realistic. More than 3,000 customers have given them a perfect 5-star rating. 

If your Halloween vibe is less creepy and more witchy, these “floating” LED candles are for you. They’re hung via barely visible fishing line that creates an effective illusion, and the magic wand remote allows you to turn them on and off in the most enchanting way possible. Kids (and Harry Potter-obsessed adults) will be positively spellbound.

Creepy enough for a Halloween party without being too gruesome, these skeleton hand taper candles create a spooky atmosphere without terrifying young party guests. The built-in candle holders are incredibly handy (get it?), and the flameless battery-powered design means you can reuse them year after year.


Add some sparkle to your Halloween tablescape with these glittery black flameless taper candles. The sparkly finish adds understated glam, and the convenient timer function automatically shuts off after six hours, so you won’t waste the batteries. These candles are so pretty that you’ll be tempted to keep them out year-round. 

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8 Halloween Taper Candles to Spookify Your Space