Debbie Vasen

Debbie Vasen

Debbie Vasen is a website guru who resides in the diverse Pacific Northwest. She is currently the Chief Content Officer for LoveToKnow Media. In addition to hiring, training, strategizing, managing and marketing, she has written articles on their flagship site on subjects ranging from gardening to relationships.

An avid information gatherer with advice to share, she enjoys spending her free time reading, writing and enjoying every aspect of the outdoors. Debbie graduated from University of California with dual degrees: Business Economics and Sociology. Essentially this combination provided her with key skills to mixing money and people. With this bachelor's degree, ten years in the fashion apparel and outdoor industry, and over 15 years of writing, editing and managing on the web, she has a strong foundation for trendy advice, business sense and marketing. To any project, she brings her previous experience combined with her personal desires to engage with the things she loves. She utilizes both her editorial knowledge and the personal setting to touch LTK readers. You can contact Debbie directly via email at debbie (at)

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