Kalee Isabella


Kalee Isabella is a freelance writer who holds a Master's degree in English. She draws upon her first-hand experiences to create authentic and informative articles on a variety of topics.


Beauty Experience,Wedding Enthusiast,Costume Designer

Beauty Experience

Having started experimenting with makeup at an early age, Kalee loves learning about new cosmetic trends and products. She looks at cosmetics as a fun way for women to look and feel their best as well as express their own personal style.

Of course, healthy skin is the best foundation for perfect makeup, and perfect nails help complete a great look. Kaylee has studied, researched, and experimented in order to offer great tips in these areas as well.


Kalee also loves everything about weddings and uses her various experiences to offer tips and ideas about favors, invitations, gifts, and the best bridal magazines.

Costume Knowledge

Kalee is the mother of three children and admits to being a costume recycler. She was very active in her high school drama club and managed the costume crew for one of the plays. She likes to read about and experiment with homemade, no-sew costumes.

Her young children, however, are largely responsible for her continuing costume education. They've shown her how to turn:

  • A college graduation gown into a witch costume
  • Construction paper into a construction worker hat
  • Whiteout into nail polish
  • Plastic kitchen spoons into magic wands
  • Towel rods into swords
  • Dish towels into counts' capes and a princess shawl
  • A pair of boxer shorts into a skirt and bustle

Looking Ahead

Kaylee looks forward to whatever the future has in store for her career.