Debbie LaCroix

Debbie LaCroix

Debbie LaCroix is a freelance writer and editor from South Dakota. Her experience includes television, radio and newspaper writing. Debbie graduated from Drake University with a degree in Journalism and major in Mass Communications.

Children's Author

Debbie is also a published book author. Her grandma suffered from Alzheimer's and so she published a children's book to explain the disease to her children. She is also the author of another children's book titled It's Almost Time and is a member of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators.

Children's Museum Founder

Debbie was also a founding board member of Launchpad Children's Museum in Sioux City, Iowa.

Business Background

In addition to writing, Debbie and her husband also spent a few years running an auto repair shop. This gave her first-hand experience which she channels into her business topic articles.

More About Debbie LaCroix

To learn more about Debbie's busy life, interests, and freelance writing services, visit her on LinkedIn.


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