Andrea Avery

Andrea Avery

Andrea Avery has been a teacher, executive director, legislative aide, writer and editor. She has worked predominately in nonprofit organizations for the last 16 years as a director of development, editor, governmental relations and executive director for a variety of organizations. Andrea has covered the spectrum of nonprofit work: written grants, managed an organization, planned conventions and fundraising events, and served on a nonprofit board.

Andrea's Other Interests

Outside of her non-profit experience, Andrea dabbles in a few other topics over the course of her freelancing career, including:

  • Senior living - Andrea is also the member of a long-lived family; four generations have lived into their 80s and 90s. Now she is reaching senior status herself and is fascinated with all the issues, challenges, and joys seniors face.
  • Genealogy - With such a long-lived family, she enjoys researching her family tree and offering helpful tips to others who are also exploring their genealogy.
  • Dogs - Andrea has never met a dog she didn't like. She uses her vast experience with all things canine to offer info and advice to other dog owners.
  • Travel - Her passion for travel has led her to some interesting places over the years. Hawaii is one of her favorite places to write about.

Happy Reading

Andrea hopes her readers will enjoy exploring all of her work here at LoveToKnow.

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