Janie Diaz

Janie Diaz

Janie Diaz is a highly experienced freelance writer who holds a Bachelor's in Literature from Arizona State University. She currently works on SEO, social media and content management for IdentityMind Global.

Love for Fashion

Janie Diaz lives in Los Angeles and follows the fashion industry there. Living just six blocks from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising makes staying in touch easy. Mere minutes from Hollywood, Silverlake and Burbank, Diaz is always just a short jaunt away from fashion shows, gallery openings and of course, the latest in couture and boutique lingerie designers of the West Coast.

Strong Tattoo Collection

Janie began interviewing local tattoo artists in Tempe, Ariz. for the quarterly magazine The Sauce Open Forum in 1998. Since then, Diaz has cultivated a good amount of her own personal ink and created some strong relationships in the industry.

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Learn more about Janie's current work and services by visiting her pages at LinkedIn and Twitter.

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