Janelle Cox

Janelle Cox

Janelle Cox is a contributing writer for LoveToKnow.com. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Education and a Masters of Science in Education. Her professional experience includes educator, tutor and freelance writer. Her expertise is in writing about education, technology, parenting, pregnancy, health and fitness, weddings, beauty and style that spans a variety of other topics.


Janelle has worked with kids for the past 15 years. Her experiences with working with kids has varied from teaching preschool and working with the "No Child Left Behind Program" to working with the inner-city at-risk youth and teaching in suburban public schools. Janelle has implemented lessons, overseen the safety and care of children and worked with special needs students. She has also provided remedial and enrichment curriculum for students in grades nine through twelve, preparing them for English Regents Exams, implementing lesson plans and teaching the writing process to a third and fourth grade bilingual class. As a trained educational professional, Janelle uses her experience and knowledge to provide creative and original writing in the field of education.

Children's Books

An avid lover of books, Janelle spends most of her free time reading story books to her two small children. Her career started as an educator in early childhood where she found her love for children's books. As a freelance writer, Janelle has written book reviews and created children's activities and crafts from children's storybooks. She hopes to write a children's book in the near future.


As a mother of two, Janelle spends the majority of her day taking care of her family. Her experiences working with children within the community has helped her develop a unique perspective on family values and parenting. As both a teacher and a parent, Janelle offers a compassionate and creative view to her readers.


After four years of college and then receiving her Masters of Science in Education, Janelle knows the ins and outs of college life. Learning is a lifelong process and receiving the information you need to get into college and learn is imperative. Janelle can offer assistance to those in need of college resources. Whether it's helping high school seniors interested in exploring colleges or current college students, Janelle will give her expert advice from her own experiences and knowledge.

Home School

Janelle's love and experience for education has led her to become very knowledgeable in the Home School curriculum. As a freelance writer she has written numerous articles covering all areas of homeschooling. Her experiences in education has provided her with a wealth of knowledge that would be an asset to everything related to home education.

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