Jennifer Alpeche


Jennifer Alpeche is a freelance writer, editor, and search analyst based in California. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from U.C. Berkeley.


Editor,Search Analyst,Outdoor Enthusiast,Travel Guru,Movie Specialist,Origami Enthusiast


  • University of California, Berkeley: Bachelor of Arts in English

Professional Travel Writer

Jennifer loves to travel and then share her experiences with her readers. She especially enjoys writing about San Francisco, camping, cruises, and other travel-related topics.

Movie Buff

In addition to her travel writing, Jennifer also loves watching films. She even used to contribute ratings at Lee's Movie Info.

Origami Enthusiast

Jennifer has a passion for fabulous folding projects. She loves sharing the history of origami as well as various tutorials and product recommendations.

Connect With Jennifer Alpeche

Jennifer uses her talents to help companies improve their websites and traffic.