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Ann Feeny earned her Bachelor's Degree in English from Carleton College and her Masters in Library Science from Dominican University. Here at LoveToKnow, she puts her love of sparking things to good use writing for the Jewelry channel, plus a few others.

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Akoya Pearls

Akoya pearls come from the saltwater Akoya oysters, which are seen in many parts of the world, but are found primarily in Japan. These are t ... Read More

Emerald Jewelry

Emerald jewelry must have been part of Cleopatra's fascination; not only were her emerald mines famous, but when Rome dictated its surrender ... Read More

Emerald Rings

About Emerald Rings Emerald rings are classy and sophisticated, and they transition smoothly from the office to an evening out. Whether ... Read More

Lapel Pins

Intro to Lapel Pins Though in the past, lapel pins had a specific use, today they are more or less the bumper sticker of personal adornm ... Read More

Pro Sports Jewelry

Whether you're looking for something casual and cheap or a piece of fine jewelry, there's a pro sports jewelry item in just about any price ... Read More

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