Vicki Wright


Vicki Wright is a professional freelance writer, editor, and marketing consultant who is based in Fort Scott, Kansas. She holds a B.S. in Socio-Political Communications from Missouri State University and is the operator of Wright Wordsmithing.


Sewing,Camping,Marketing Consulting


  • Missouri State University: B.S. in Socio-Political Communications

Detailed Experience

Costume Maker

Vicki grudgingly learned to sew from her mother. Today, she's far more appreciative of her mother's efforts and puts her skills to amazing use creating children's costumes.

Green Living Aficionado

Vicki's interest in alternative energy was sparked many years ago as a result of a sixth-grade science fair project. Her fascination with technology and new developments has grown over the years, and she writes about a variety of topics related to green living.

Camping Enthusiast

Camping has been a lifelong hobby for Vicki. She practically grew up camping in the Ozark Mountains, and willingly camps just about anywhere she can, including her own backyard.

More About Vicki Wright

If you're interested in learning more about Vicki's professional services, you can connect with her on LinkedIn.