Matthew B. Dexter

Matthew B. Dexter

Matthew B. Dexter is a freelance writer with expertise in outdoors living, boating and travel. An American writer, currently living in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, Matthew is an avid yachter and boater who is out on the majestic waters of land's end every day, writing and appreciating the pervasive beauty at the southernmost tip of the Baja California peninsula.

Writing Career

Matthew writes novels, memoirs, poetry, and short stories of literary fiction.

Freelance Contributions

His freelance writing has appeared in numerous magazines and newspapers in the United States and abroad, including National Geographic Traveler, Canoe & Kayak, and many others. Visit his website,, to see a list of his published articles.

Book Author

Matthew is the author of The Ritalin Orgy, a fictional account of a teacher's descent into the underbelly of campus life filled with drugs, debauchery, and secret rituals.

Free-Time Pursuits

Matthew manages stress by living in a majestic, ethereal, inspirational oasis. When Matthew is not writing, he enjoys life by the ocean, beautiful beaches, breathtaking views, reading, and being inspired. But he never has candlelit dinners on the beach. He's afraid of pirates.

Connect With Matthew B. Dexter

If you're interested in contacting Matthew, visit him at his personal website, on LinkedIn,  and Twitter.

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