Lisa Marie Mercer


Lisa Marie Mercer is a professional freelance writer and author who holds a B.S. in Psychology. She writes on a variety of topics, but fitness, travel, and social networking are her main areas of expertise.


Ski personal trainer and fitness coach,Travel,Social media management

Detailed Experience

Fitness Expert

Lisa is the former owner of Mountain Sport Pilates and Fitness, a personal training service designed for skiers. She is also the author of several fitness books, including:

Travel Aficionado

Lisa and her husband got the travel bug, so they picked up their life and moved to Uruguay. Lisa blogs about the experience at Uruguay Expat. She has also written some travel books, including:

Skiing Fitness Instructor

In addition to her work at Mount Sport Pilates and Fitness, Lisa also worked as a ski fitness coach at Epicski Academy. Not much of a surprise, she is also the author of Kids' Travel Guide - Ski, a book designed to help kids prepare for their first ski trip.

Social Media Expertise

Lisa is the owner/operator of Southern Cross Web & Social Media where she provides web content and social media management for small business owners.

Keep Up With Lisa Marie Mercer

If you want to learn more about Lisa and her work, visit her on LinkedIn and follow her on Twitter.