Jared Skye

Jared Skye

Jared Skye is an author and photographer in Eugene, Oregon. He is the founder and co-owner of Out of Nowhere Media, a full-service media company with offices in Eugene, Oregon and Baton Rouge, LA. His experiences in authorship make him able to write accurately about a broad range of subjects, but his greatest strengths lay in:

  • Do It Yourself - He is not only constantly coming up with new projects for his own home to make it more sustainable, but he has written about sustainable "DIY" projects for a number of different blogs and websites. His specialties are construction projects and gardening.
  • Environment - In college, Jared majored in environmental science, and most of his non-writing professional career was involved with biological field research studies. He has experience with writing proposals, science education, and ecology.
  • Photography - Jared has been a photographer since high school, and has developed a keen eye for landscapes and wildlife photography. His work is visible here.
  • Outdoor Recreation - Jared has spent over a year living alone in remote Alaskan wilderness, nine months of which was spent in a cabin in Kiliuda Bay on the island of Kodiak. He has gone on many long-distance backpacking adventures solo, and enjoys mountaineering and running.
  • Music - Jared has played guitar for 13 years and is knowledgable in audio engineering, acoustics, and the use of digital audio workstations to produce music and foley effects.

When he isn't writing, Jared enjoys hiking with his family in the stunning forests and mountain ranges of West/Central Oregon.

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