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With an education in Physics, Jane Harmon spent over twenty years with the Federal government, as a Contracting Officer's Technical Representative. In common-speak, Jane was a research project manager, specializing in advanced computer science, including Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. She always said that Artificial Intelligence was better than no intelligence at all, and recent events have proved her point.

After leaving the government, a friend and Jane purchased a New Age store in Leesburg Virginia, now called Esoterica, and the real education began.

Jane now maintains two sites on the All-Info-About network, on metaphysics and pastel painting. She also blogs (mainly US politics) as The Prairie Angel. The name is what those in information science call an artifact since Jane is am not particular angelic and she lives on the East Coast.

Jane is one of the founding members of Writers Row, and she writes on topics ranging from small business, science fiction, alternative health and spirituality.

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