Cheryl Zielke


Cheryl Zielke is a nutrition consultant with a Masters degree in Nutrition from the University of New Haven. She started her private consulting business in 2000 and serves private clients as well as writing on food and nutrition for a variety of print and online publications.


  • University of New Haven: Master's, Human Nutrition

Detailed Experience

Although she is always amazed at the nutrition advice she receives at the supermarket (like she has "Nutritionist" plastered to her forehead or something), Cheryl remains an avid believer in wholesome, balanced food intake and regular exercise. Her definition of regular stands firm at 30 minutes a day of anything you enjoy the most that raises your heart rate just a tad. No further comment.

While earning her Master's degree in Nutrition at the University of New Haven, Cheryl decided that she would empower others to take care of themselves through her counseling and writing skills. Hence, she began her private consulting business in 2000 and began eagerly writing for whoever would read her material. These two positions have lead her to where she is today: A full-time mom of 2-year old Alexandra, a try-to-do-it-all housewife to her husband, a nutrition consultant for a handful of dedicated, spirited and diverse clients, and a freelance writer and editor for LoveToKnow Diet, as well as local publications.