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Joyce H

Joyce is retired from the Navy, where she learned a lot of things about transmitters that nobody in the civilian world could care less about, and also a lot about human nature that turns out to be universally applicable.


Since then, She has been a winery tour guide, a local newspaper reporter, an antiques and collectibles dealer, a candle maker, and a freelance writer.


Joyce loves movies - loves the sheer experience of watching them, and also loves the study of how they are designed and put together. She has even written some movies. (Although she wrote them, she never sold them!)

And best of all... she is RETIRED!

When she is not watching movies, writing movies, or writing about movies, you might find her:

  • Going to auctions in search of the rare, wonderful and beautiful, much of which she eventually lists on eBay.
  • Training and playing with Maggie, the world's sweetest and most beautiful dog.
  • Doing yoga or playing the harmonica or any number of things.

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Joyce H