V Saxena

V Saxena

Vivek Saxena is a freelance writer and aspiring web marketer who operates two websites -- one regarding Green Smoke e-cigarettes and one concerning the intricacies of web hosting.


V Saxena, as he prefers to be called, possesses an Associate of Science from Purdue University with a speciality in computer technology. After graduating, Saxena discovered that he didn't care to work 40+ hours in an office, spending all day designing complex applications or repairing computer parts. Thus began his journey in the world of freelance writing.


The first few years of V's career were spent producing detailed, non-biased product reviews for ProductWiki. He was tasked with researching information regarding gadgets such as motherboards, USB drives and tablets; digesting the information; and then presenting it to the general public is a down-to-Earth matter that they could easily comprehend.


Saxena eventually ended up acquiring a position as a technology writer for Demand Media Studios -- the brilliant minds behind the eHow francise. During his tenor with them, V produced countless articles that detailed the solutions to simple and complex problems pertaining to Windows, Macintosh and Linux computers, as well as Android/iPhone smartphones, HDTVs and the latest tablets.

Web Marketing

In 2010, Vivek took his first steps toward becoming a web marketer. After purchasing an e-cigarette kit that blew him away, V decided to get into the business of marketing. He designed a Wordpress-based, CMS website and then began a year-long SEO marketing campaign that has resulted in 300+ daily visitors and sales totaling over $20,000 within under 1.5 years.


Vivek is also an avid fan of politics. In particular, he watches a lot of MSNBC, reads the New York Times, listens to conservative talk radio and, of course, debates the issues with friends and enemies alike. If you ever have a question regarding domestic or international news, then you had best believe that Vivek is the guy to whom to direct the question.


During those rare moments when Vivek isn't working dilligently at his computer, you may find him either outside running miles or at the gym lifting weights. He loves to exercise, and he realizes the value in working both one's mind and body, as the two are equal in their importance when it comes to longetivity. That said, V also spends time cooking healthy meals. His favorite meal includes a skinless chicken breast, corn, low-fat cottage cheese, cranberry sauce and orange juice.

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