• Product Reviewer for ProductWiki
  • Technology Writer at Demand Media Studios


  • Purdue University: Associate of Science with a specialty in Computer Technology

Detailed Experience

Vivek Saxena is a writer based in North Carolina. He's also a social and political commentator at BizPac.com.

Education Background

V Saxena, as he prefers to be called, possesses an Associate of Science from Purdue University with a specialty in Computer Technology. After graduating, Saxena discovered that he didn't care to work 40+ hours in an office, spending all day designing complex applications or repairing computer parts. Thus began his journey in the world of freelance writing.

Gadget Reviewer

The first few years of V's career were spent producing detailed, non-biased product reviews for ProductWiki. He was tasked with researching information regarding gadgets such as motherboards, USB drives, and tablets, digesting the information, and then presenting it to the general public in a down-to-Earth matter that they could easily comprehend. In particular, he has extensively reviewed a variety of cell phones.

Technology Writer

Saxena eventually ended up acquiring a position as a technology writer for Demand Media Studios, the minds behind the eHow franchise. During his tenure with them, V produced countless articles that detailed the solutions to simple and complex problems pertaining to Windows, Macintosh, and Linux computers, as well as Android/iPhone smartphones, HDTVs, and the latest tablets.

More About Vivek Saxena

You can learn more about Vivek and his work by connecting with him on LinkedIn.