Molly Rosenberg

Molly Rosenberg has been gardening since she was a kid. Her mom gave her a little strip of lawn to make a garden and told Molly that if she took care of it, she could have more space. It wasn't long before she had dug up all the grass in her parents' yard. Now, as a professional gardener, Molly spends much of her time digging up other peoples' lawns to plant perennials and shrubs.

Molly studied Scientific and Technical Communication and Horticulture at the University of Minnesota. She has worked as a gardener and floral designer in St. Paul, MN for the past ten years. She currently runs her own garden design and maintenance business-aptly named Molly's Gardens.

She lives in St. Paul with her husband Dan, three cats, and a garden gnome.

Favorite Plants

Molly appreciates yards with native plants, exotic specimens, and even the occasional green lawn. In floral design, she likes to work with anything unusual. Artichokes are at the top of her favorites list, which also includes tulips, orchids, and anything in the Protea family.

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