Nicholas Pell


Nicholas Pell is a freelance journalist with extensive experience in both traditional and new media.


Guitar Expert,Tattoo Enthusiast,Yoga Practitioner,Business Expert


  • University of Massachusetts: Bachelor's in English
  • Harvard University

Bachelor's Degree

Nicholas holds a bachelor's in English from the University of Massachusetts, but learned everything he ever needed to know about writing in 12 weeks at Harvard University.

Specialty Topics

Nicholas writes about many topics, but some of his favorites that he covers at LTK include:

  • Guitar - Nicholas has played guitar for about 20 years.
  • Tattoos - He got his first tattoo at the age of 16.
  • Yoga - He studied yoga for five years.
  • Money - He is a contributor at Business Insider.

Nicholas has also extensively studied and written about business law, history, politics, finance, music, and social trends. You'll find some examples of his writing at Muck Rack.