Molly James


Molly James is a teacher, writer, editor, and proofreader. Having spent years in education and communications, she has an eye for detail and an understanding of complex grammar. She specializes in issues surrounding education, relationships, and family.


American and European literature expert,Elementary School Teacher,SEO Term Writing Expert,eBook Ghostwriter,Editing and Proofreading Expert

Certifications and Awards

  • Certified Teacher

Master's Degree

Holding a Master's degree in Literature, Molly has a deep breadth of knowledge of American and European literature, poetry and theater.

Teaching Experience

A certified teacher with more than a decade in the field of education, Molly has worked with all ages, abilities, needs, and circumstances. As an elementary teacher at a school providing special services for homeless children, Molly has extensive experience with challenging education situations and special needs education.

Writing and Editing Experience

An experienced writer, Molly has ghostwritten e-books on finance, health, beauty, yoga, and education. In addition, she has edited and proofread novels, thesis papers, and term papers. A specialty in marketing has enabled Molly to become prolific in SEO term writing.