Wendy Michaels


Wendy Michaels is a freelance writer from New York who has a B.S. in Marketing and Advertising from Ithaca College. As a former Group Editor for LoveToKnow, she oversaw several channels including Cats, Home Improvement, Interior Design, and Theme Parks, among others.


Amusement Parks,Wine Enthusiast


  • Ithaca College: B.S. in Marketing and Advertising

Detailed Experience

Theme Park Aficionado

There are few things in life that Wendy enjoys more than the thrill of a fast-moving steel roller coaster as well as the rickety feel of a wooden coaster. She's also a big fan of water parks. She loves writing reviews of her favorite amusement parks and sharing them with her readers.

Oenophile aka Wine Lover

Wendy shares her deep appreciation for wine by writing about her favorite types, making recommendations, and offering tips to help everyone enjoy their next glass of vino that much more.

More About Wendy Michaels

These days, Wendy does a lot of blogging and writing about entertainment news for sites like Radar Online, OK! Magazine, and The Cheat Sheet. If you'd like to learn more about her work, you can connect with on LinkedIn.