Kate Pullen

Kate Pullen

Kate is a freelancer writer who emphasizes her work on her two main passions, dogs and green living.


Kate shares her life with six dogs of various breeds and sizes, ranging from a tiny Bichon Frise to a twelve stone Pyrenean Mountain Dog who she adopted from a rescue center. This has given Kate a great insight into dogs and the way they behave. In addition to the joys of dog ownership, Kate has faced many of the challenges including behavior and health problems.

Green Living

Kate Pullen strives towards living a simpler and less complex life. Believing that quality of life is measured in other terms than monetary, Kate has 'down shifted' to rural Spain. Kate and her husband are starting to renovate their house. Solar power and water saving devises are an important part of the plan. Kate has a passion for recycling and repurposing items and enjoys the challenge of creating useful or decorative items from scrap.

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