Jean Scheid

Jean Scheid

Jean Scheid is a freelance writer who has been an automotive dealer in New Mexico for sixteen years. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Human Resources/Business from The University of Pittsburg.

Professional Automotive Dealer

Jean's expertise in the auto industry is conveyed through valuable tips and recommendations on everything automotive. She also provides readers with inside information on manufacturers and how to find the best deals on cars, parts, service, and accessories.

Jean owns Scheid Body & Paint in Taos and Enchantment Ford in Las Vegas, New Mexico.

Green Living and Organics

Jean shares her time in both Taos and Las Vegas, New Mexico. Along with being a member of the Taos Organic Coop for sixteen years, Jean volunteers at the local farmer's market and enjoys, reading, learning, and writing about everything organic!

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If you'd like to learn more about Jean's writing and marketing services, visit her at LinkedIn or Don't Have Time to Write.

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