Deb Ng

Deb Ng

Deb Ng is a full time freelance writer and stay at home Mom who spends her time writing, opening juice boxes and doing unheard of amounts of laundry. In addition to sharing her recipe for pulverized cauliflower, she's been known to share her thoughts on weddings, money matters, etiquette, cleaning, and parenting. Deb, who is also President of a local woman's organization, resides just outside of Princeton NJ where she dreams of having spare time for reading, crocheting, gardening and baking.

Deb has always been challenged when it comes to applying makeup and choosing the right colors, but doesn't let that stop her from purchasing every product on the market. In fact, her husband will be happy to share with you the details of her large bathroom vanity drawer, also known as "The Great Makeup Graveyard." When she's not writing or taxiing her son around, she can be found hiding in the closet reading tabloids and snarky celebrity blogs.

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