Deb Ng is a full-time freelance writer and work-from-home mom who spends her time writing and blogging. She's been known to share her thoughts on weddings, online community development, etiquette, cleaning, and parenting. She resides just outside of Princeton NJ where she dreams of having spare time for reading, crocheting, gardening and baking.

Detailed Experience

Social Media Expert and "For Dummies" Author

Deb is also a social media expert and the published author of several books in the popular "For Dummies" series, including Online Community Management for Dummies and Social Media Marketing All in One for Dummies.

Blogging Success

Deb is also a successful blogger who created the Freelance Writing Jobs network which became so popular she was able to sell it. Learn more about it in her From Start to Sold interview at

Wedding Enthusiast

Deb has been fascinated with everything about weddings since she was a little girl. She loves writing about decorations, favor ideas, and cakes, and also enjoys interviewing wedding experts so she can pass along helpful tips to future brides and grooms.

More About Deb Ng

Whether you're interested in Deb's writing or her services as a social media consultant, you can contact her via her page at LinkedIn.