Allison Martin


Allison Martin is a freelance writer, speaker and financial coach. She is the author of The Money Renovation Project, a workbook that serves as a guide to rapidly transform any financial situation. She has written articles for websites and blogs on a variety of topics, and her areas of expertise include personal finance, couponing, business, charity, automobiles and personal development.


Finance,Couponing,Business,Charity,Automobiles,Personal Development


  • Freelance Writer
  • Speaker
  • Author
  • Financial Coach


  • University of South Florida: B.S. Accounting
  • University of South Florida: Master of Accountancy

Certifications and Awards

  • Grant and Research Administrator: University of South Florida

Certified Financial Education Instructor

Allison is a financial coach who empowers others to transform their financial situation one step at a time. She runs a personal finance blog, conducts independent coaching sessions with clients, and teaches money management courses around the nation.

Allison also facilitates workshops on personal finance at many events in the Tampa Bay area. Her personal finance advice has also been featured at Money Talks News, MSN Money, and Investopedia.

Couponing Expert

At one point, Allison was searching for a way to drastically reduce variable expenses, specifically in the food category. Her grocery bill was extremely high, and she knew there had to be a better way.

For a month or so, she read every couponing book she could get her hands on, and began to apply the most useful techniques to her situation. The knowledge acquired helped her cut food costs by over 50% each month, and as a result, she wrote The 30-Minute Couponer to let others in on all her secrets.

Business Expertise

Allison holds her Bachelor of Science (Accounting) and Master of Accountancy degrees from the University of South Florida. Through her studies, Allison learned about various types of organizations and how their units collectively operate. She has experience in auditing, taxation, governmental accounting, and research administration.

As an up-and-coming entrepreneur, she also knows what it takes to run a successful business.


While working as a Grant and Research Administrator at the University of South Florida, Allison managed over $20 million in research funding for tenured professors in the College of Engineering.

College Fiscal Specialist

Allison supported thousands of undergraduate and graduate students at the University of South Florida with academic, tuition, scholarship, and other financial aid matters while employed as a student support coordinator, fiscal and business specialist, and fiscal and business analyst.

Allison also received 25 scholarships during her senior year of high school and works closely with the Americans for Prosperity Foundation to teach high schoolers how to maximize their financial aid package and secure scholarships for college.

Automobile Aficionado

From childhood, Allison has always had an interest in everything that pertained to cars. At the inception of her freelance writing career, she was given an assignment to write a car review for a local dealership. Since then, she has written a ton of automobile reviews and continues to follow the manufacturers of her favorite models.

Passion for Personal Development

Allison aims to encourage every individual she interacts with to use his/her gifts and talents to lead a useful life of positivity and productivity. Although she has encountered many roadblocks and rejections, she believes that you haven't failed until you quit and lives by this principle. She contributes to Dream Pathways Magazine, a publication dedicated to providing nuggets of wisdom to help others bridge the gap between their dreams and reality.

More About Allison Martin

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