Thomma Lyn Grindstaff

Thomma Lyn Grindstaff is a freelance writer, independent musician, and novelist who lives in East Tennessee. She wears many hats as a freelance writer, including those of ghostwriter and ghost blogger. She has worked on numerous projects, including book manuscripts, website content, white papers for businesses, and blog posts covering a wide variety of subjects from social networking to digital marketing.


Music is Thomma's greatest joy. She's a classically-trained pianist who has played piano nearly all her life. Before turning her attention to composing her own music, she studied classical piano at the University of Tennessee and East Tennessee State University, receiving an extensive background in piano performance and music theory. She plays classical guitar and loves to sing. In July 2012, she released her first album, Womanspirit Rising. She's working on her second album.

College Administration

For thirteen years, Thomma worked in Admissions at a major regional university. She evaluated transcripts for incoming students and awarded them credit for courses taken at other institutions. She was instrumental in advising students about admissions requirements, core curricula, and degree requirements, and she is well-versed in admissions protocol and issues pertaining to transfer students and college life in general.

Creative Writing

Thomma is passionate about creative writing. She's a published novelist and currently has three novels available as well several short stories. She holds a bachelor's degree in English and has enjoyed a lifelong love of books and reading which she feels is indispensable to good writing. Her work spans multiple genres, including magical realism, literary love stories, and coming-of-age fiction.

Hobbies and Interests

Thomma's hobbies and interests are diverse. She's a cat lover and shares her home with two furry felines. She thrives best when she hikes regularly in the mountains near her home. Her best ideas for songs and stories often come to her while hiking. She loves to garden and gets tremendous satisfaction from growing her own healthy food. To learn more about Thomma's music, novels, and other activities, please visit her website.

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