Amy Pennza

Amy Pennza

Amy Pennza is a freelance writer and licensed, practicing attorney. With a background in family law, estate planning, and business law, she covers a wide variety of subjects in her articles. Amy believes that information about legal rights should be widely accessible and approaches her writing with the idea that articles should be written in clear, conversational language unburdened by dry, legalistic terminology. She has a Bachelor's Degree from Kent State University and a law degree from the Cleveland-Marshall College of Law.


With nearly 10 years experience as a family law attorney, Amy is an expert in child and spousal support, custody disputes, mediation, parent relocation, property division, settlement negotiation, juvenile matters, collaborative divorce, and other domestic relations areas. A child of divorce herself, Amy now serves as a Guardian ad Litem, representing children in juvenile and domestic relations courts. A passionate advocate for families and children, she understands the emotional, mental, and financial toll of divorce. She is a frequent contributor to self-help divorce sites dedicated to helping people navigate the divorce process. Amy has written articles on the divorce process on nearly every state in the country.


Amy is an estate planning attorney and covers many insurance subjects in her articles. She is a certified hospice volunteer and provides free legal services to terminal patients and their families. Watching people and their loved ones tackle tough end-of-life decisions in real life has given her tremendous insight into providing more in-depth material in her writing. She covers a broad range of insurance products in her writing, including whole and term, health and life, and long-term care. Amy is also well-versed in Medicare and writes about supplemental Medicare insurance for the elder population.


As a mom of four children under the age of five, including a set of twins, Amy understands that buying a house is always a huge decision. Whether you're on your first, second, or third property, financing a home is a major undertaking, especially when you have a family to consider. Amy has written numerous articles about the mortgage industry, from how to qualify for financing, to the pros and cons of reverse mortgages. She has also prepared dozens of real estate purchase agreements in her law practice and is familiar with how the mortgage process works step-by-step.

Credit Cards

Much of Amy's writing focuses on consumer credit cards and debt management solutions. With a legal background in successfully litigating claims under federal credit consumer protection laws, she has written a number of articles on how to repair credit and negotiate removing negative notations from credit reports. As consumer credit continues to spiral ever upward, Amy is dedicated to providing readers with helpful strategies for responsible money management tools.

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