Charlie R. Claywell

Charlie R. Claywell

Charlie R. Claywell is a freelance writer and journalist with 20 years of experience. Charlie has written articles on a wide range of topics, and his work has been published in southwest Ohio newspapers, religious magazines and online publications.

Educational Background

Charlie earned his Bachelors in Journalism from Miami University. He studied computer programming at Sinclair Community College.

Genealogical Research

After his father's death in 2000, Charlie decided to research his father's Korean War service, eventually obtaining several of his missing war medals. This effort was the catalyst into genealogy and discovering his family tree - all the way back to its American beginnings.

While tracing his family line, Charlie learned to:

  • Navigate state and national archives
  • Efficiently conduct online research
  • Utilize library systems to access genealogical information

Charlie's current focus is researching his wife's family tree.

Web Design

When the daily newspaper where he worked began its foray onto the Web, Charlie jumped at the chance to learn the emerging technology. Since then, Charlie has become well versed in all things "online" and has taken courses in Web design, layout and development.

Using common content management systems, Charlie has built dynamic personal and business websites. He is currently building his family's genealogy website.

Learn More About Charlie Claywell

To find out more about Charlie, check out his personal website, Charlie Claywell, where he talks about genealogy, American history, and other topics. You can also find him on LinkedIn or follow him on Twitter

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