Tracy Johnson

Tracy Johnson

Tracy Johnson is a determined, enthusiastic, and talented writer with over five years of professional experience producing web content, branded copy, magazine and newspaper features, and social media campaigns. She is a people-oriented individual who strives to exceed expectations on a daily basis, and a reliable go-getter with ability and eagerness to adapt quickly and easily to new ideas, processes, and situations. She has specific expertise in beauty and skincare, party planning and costumes, music, and nutrition and fitness.


Tracy believes that the true essence of beauty is found within. However, there is something so girly, powerful, and fun about expressing yourself through makeup. It gives women the right to expose their inner being, whether that be chic, sweet, audacious, or sultry. She currently works as a copywriter, editor, and proofreader for, one of the most powerful beauty presences in the world. She diligently writes for an ever-increasing amount of classic and emerging brands such as Urban Decay, Clinique, and Marc Jacobs, across a broad range of product categories including makeup, skincare, fragrance, body, and hair, in addition to Sephora's private label. From creating custom nail designs to producing a gorgeous smoky eye to achieving runway-ready beach waves, Tracy knows the latest and greatest in beauty.


There is nothing like a successful soiree. In the past, Tracy worked as a copywriter and editor for, the e-commerce website for the nation's leading party goods retailer. Tracy spent over two years learning the ins-and-outs of party planning, as well as creating thoughtful and engaging content for products. She wrote, maintained, and proofread party guides while setting up sensational photo shoots for themed celebrations. Whether it was a birthday, wedding, baby shower, graduation, or holiday, she invented delightful ways for readers to enjoy the perks of stress-free party planning - so the hosts could enjoy the party just as much as their guests. She shared creative tips for preparing for a party any time of the year, including ideas for invitations, decorations, party favors, and of course, costumes. She also spends her free time getting crafty with simple, budget-friendly DIY projects like table centerpieces, gift tags, Mason jar décor, and hanging garlands - anything to add a special touch to a special day.


To keep things simple, Tracy is crazy about costumes. She believes that costumes are a fascinating storytelling tool - a way for regular people to get into character and be who they want to be. Whether it be for a movie, theater performance, theme party, Halloween, or just for fun, costumes enable people to leave themselves behind and take on a whole new character or personality. While working for, Tracy researched and wrote for a wide variety of costumes. From scary to sexy to funny, she was able to capture the very essence of not only the costume, but the story behind it. She also had the opportunity to work in the actual Party City store during the Halloween season and help customers create custom looks. She handpicked from an enormous selection of costumes while mixing and matching unique accessories, props, and makeup. She put together costumes for boys and girls, men and women, singles, couples, and groups, leaving all completely satisfied and decked out from head-to-toe. Tracy is head-over-heels in love with creating DIY costumes. While attending college, her and her friends would get together and come up with affordable, yet totally stunning costume ideas. Ranging from the all-time classic to culturally relevant to trends to classic party staples, and more, she drew inspiration from whatever she possibly could and mastered this concept.


Music is Tracy's therapy. She has an unexplainable passion for it. Not only does it motivate, inspire, and relax her, ever since she was younger, she has had an ear for music. She played flute and clarinet, was in choir, and took ballet, tap, and jazz classes. From her early teen years to her early twenties, she attended every concert or show she possibly could, including No Doubt, Beach Boys, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, Justin Timberlake, Jay Z, Cold Play, Tim McGraw (just to name a few). She explored song writing and created powerful lyrics to display emotion, happiness and sadness, anger and joy. She spent some time contributing to, a growing indie music website dedicated to providing readers with information on old and modern musicians. There, she performed in-depth research on a variety of solo artists or bands, gathered indispensable information, and carefully constructed opinionated and fact-based articles. Previously, she spent a year working as a promotions assistant for Entercom Communications Corporation. She worked with three San Francisco radio stations assisting the marketing and promotion staff with public relations and special events throughout the Bay Area. She became familiar with an assortment of genres including country, light rock, and classical and loved every moment. While attending concerts, she helped to coordinate participation in contests and events, contacted bay area partners and sponsors for local support, and wrote and edited a weekly column.

Nutrition and Fitness

Tracy is a natural athlete. She is able to easily adapt to and master almost any type of competitive sport. Growing up, the main sports that drew her in were soccer and softball, playing each for about 20 plus years. With softball, she made it to the all-star team every year, played in the Amateur Softball Association of America, and won awards in high school including Best Defensive Player, Best Offensive Player, and Most Improved Player. And once she started playing soccer at age seven, it became her world, practicing every day and dreaming about it at night. She was fascinated with every aspect of the sport, attempted and conquered every challenge, and played through college with her heart on her sleeve, also winning awards including Best Offensive Player, Best Defensive Player, All State Northern California, and MVP. In addition, she has played tennis, volleyball, basketball, and participated in swimming. While attending college at Chico State University, she took several classes encouraging a healthy lifestyle including Nutrition and Physical Fitness, Science of Food, and Topics in Vitamins and Minerals. She took what she learned and shared it with friends and family, hoping to spread the word about good health and happiness. She knows and understands the importance of eating well, working out, and pushing yourself to the limits. Tracy has ran multiple half-marathons and a couple of full marathons, and runs/trains almost every day. She partakes in yoga, pilates, spin classes, stand-up paddle boarding, and more. She believes that exercise is a way of life - it is good for your mind, body, and soul.

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