Tracy Johnson

Tracy Johnson is a determined and enthusiastic writer with professional experience producing web content, branded copy, magazine and newspaper features, and social media campaigns. She is a people-oriented individual who strives to exceed expectations, and she has specific expertise in beauty and skincare topics and costumes.




  • Copywriter, Editor, and Proofreader for

Detailed Experience

Beauty Expert

Tracy believes that the true essence of beauty is found within. However, there is something so girly, powerful, and fun about expressing yourself through makeup. It gives women the right to expose their inner being, whether that be chic, sweet, audacious, or sultry.

Tracy currently works as a copywriter, editor, and proofreader for, one of the most powerful beauty presences in the world. She diligently writes for an ever-increasing amount of classic and emerging brands such as Urban Decay, Clinique, and Marc Jacobs, across a broad range of product categories including makeup, skincare, fragrance, body, and hair, in addition to Sephora's private label. From creating custom nail designs to producing a gorgeous smoky eye to achieving runway-ready beach waves, Tracy knows the latest and greatest in beauty.

Costumes Expertise

To keep things simple, Tracy is crazy about costumes. She believes that costumes are a fascinating storytelling tool - a way for regular people to get into character and be who they want to be. Whether it's for a movie, theater performance, theme party, Halloween, or just for fun, costumes enable people to leave themselves behind and take on a whole new character or personality.

Party City Costumes Experience

While working for, Tracy researched and wrote for a wide variety of costumes. From scary to sexy to funny, she was able to capture the very essence of not only the costume but the story behind it. She also had the opportunity to work in the actual Party City store during the Halloween season and help customers create custom looks. She handpicked from an enormous selection of costumes while mixing and matching unique accessories, props, and makeup. She put together costumes for boys and girls, men and women, singles, couples, and groups, leaving all completely satisfied and decked out from head-to-toe.

Passion for DIY Costumes

Tracy is head-over-heels in love with creating DIY costumes. While attending college, she and her friends would get together and come up with affordable, yet totally stunning costume ideas. Ranging from the all-time classic to culturally relevant to trends to classic party staples, and more, she drew inspiration from whatever she possibly could and mastered this concept.

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