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Tarah Damask

Tarah Damask

Tarah Damask is a freelance writer with a Master of Arts in English and creative writing and nearly a decade of experience writing for multiple publications, such as Neiman Marcus catalogs and She began her career as a copywriter and editor for Neiman Marcus and has expertise in a variety of topics, including fashion, beauty, home decor, gardening, creative writing, and education.

Fashion and Beauty Background

Tarah has a deep love for fashion and other topics that make daily living an aesthetic and uniquely individualized joy. She has spent several years writing copy and online content with a focus on offering styling advice for all body types, giving beauty and hair how-tos, and creating shopping guides and articles explaining different types of garments.

Tarah's experience writing runway reports with the senior stylist at Neiman Marcus, and contributing blogs to sites like and Neiman Marcus' former InSite, have kept her on her toes when following runway trends and designers. You can also find her work on, and

Related Interests

Tarah devotes as much of her free time as she can to flipping through glossy fashion magazines and checking out street style blogs. Her visual arts experience adds to her interest in interior decor and gardening - relaxing pastimes that require a solid blend of creativity and rich research. If you'd like to learn more about her work, visit her at LinkedIn.

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